Hello all!!!!
Hope everyone is doing well ๐Ÿ™‚ I am doing okay, just got over the flu that knocked me on my butt for a week ๐Ÿ™ blah, but all better so now its time to let y’all know what is coming up! First, I am super excited that I am getting a webpage make over! I ask everyone what they wanted on the webpage and I made sure to tell my awesome web designer so I am excited about all that!

Second, my event list is finally final. I still hate that I had to cancel some events but like I said, I’m a mommy first before anything. So here is the list of all the places I will be this year:

May 24, 2014 Cincy Author Event – Cincinnati Ohio
June 7th 2014 Phillip Book Signing
June 28, 2014 BookBash – Orlando Florida
July 12, 2014 Summer Lovinโ€™ Reader Party -Temecula, CA
September 20, 2014 Chapter by Chapter BookRave, NY
October 25, 2014 – LoveNBooks Vegas Event

Now, I know y’all are wanting to know about books. So lets get started ๐Ÿ™‚ ::warning: these are probably the worse synopsis you will ever read:: lol.

Breaking Away (book 5 of the Assassins series)
Release date: (tentative) June 10, 2014
This will be the next installment in the Assassins series following Phillip Anderson and Reese Allen. I don’t have the synopsis for any of the books yet but this in this one we will read about how Phillip is adjusting to a new addition that makes him a family. When one encounter leads him and Reese in bed, he finds that he can’t get enough of her. She feels the same but is completely against having a relationship after being hurt by a past lover. Will these two make it? Or will Phillip be left alone in the game of love?

The Whiskey Prince (standalone)
Release date: (tentative) August 10, 2014
This book will be told by Amberlyn Reilly and Declan Oโ€™Callaghan as they both try to find their way in life after loss and extreme family pressure. Amberlyn is now an orphan with only a letter from her mother and a wish for her to head to Ireland to start a new life. Declan is being forced to get married or he will lose his chance to own the family business, something he adores but when he meets Amberlyn he finds he can have both. Its not easy for him to though, he is shy, quiet and the beautiful, bubbly Amberlyn might be out of his reach.

Jude (Rush Brothers series)
Release date: (tentative) October 10, 2014
This book will be about Claire Anderson and Jude Sinclair. Claire is living the life she always wanted. She is warm, she is loved and she is taken care off. She doesn’t think she needs anything else until she meet Jude Sinclair. Jude is wild, he loves life and he loves hockey. Working hard to his goal of making it to the NHL, he hasn’t met a challenge he can’t overcome, that it until he meets Claire. They are unbelievable together and soon they realize that this is a love of a lifetime, the only problem is that Claire is hiding something. Will they make it?

A Very Merry Hockey Holiday (Assassins 5.5)
Release date: (tentative) December 10, 2014
Oh, I am so excited to write this one. It will be a christmas story of each of my Assassins! It will be consider a novella but it will be a long novella. We all know me and how much I love to write ๐Ÿ™‚ Hehe.

Now this is what I have planned, and remember that anything could change. I only have 1 of 4 of those books done so you never know but its what I have plan. Also there is always a chance that another Assassins book or another Rush Brother or even another standalone will come out in December since AVMHH is only a novella. We will see! I know that the cover for Breaking Away should be reveal around March, so look out for that. I am super excited for this year and I hope y’all are too ๐Ÿ™‚
Love y’all so very much!!! <3 Lets rock 2014 shall we?!??!

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