Mmmmmmm…Alex Pettyfer…..whoop, post, yes, excuse me.

Anyways, you may be wondering why Alex Pettyfer is in this post. Well let me feed your curistoy. In my crazy Assassins filled mind, he is my Phillip Anderson! RAWR. Since my Teaser inclused Mr. Anderson, why not have a little eye candy? hehehe…here we go:

“Lucas wants me to meet his sister-in-law.”
Tate turned to see Phillip looking around the hall.
“Is she hot?” Erik asked.
“Apparently. I mean look at Fallon, she is fucking hot as hell, so hopefully the sister is too,” Phillip said, turning on his 100-watt smile.
Tate rolled his eyes before saying, “She’s my neighbor.”
Phillip laughed, “Well expect to see me in the morning if she is hot. I don’t plan on going home alone tonight.”
Erik chuckled as Tate shook his head. Phillip would have sex with a rock, as long as it had bumps that looked like boobs. The dude was hopeless.


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