First I want to thank you for coming and reading this post! Second, thanks for joining in on #assassinsmonth! Isnt it great?!
Well today is #TotallyToniTuesday and that means we get to discuss me! So lets do this!

What I want to write about today is why there is no presales for #BreakingAway. I have been getting message after message after email and more messages on where is the preorders, why can’t I find it, is the book even coming out and the answer is yes! It is coming out on June 10, 2014 but it is coming out from me. I’m self publishing. After #BlueLines came out, I decided not to sell to Loveswept. I honestly don’t think I am made to be a traditionally published author. I like to control everything and I went from doing it all myself to giving my control to someone else, which meant they did everything and had say on what happens in my book. I didn’t like that. For a year straight I was sickly stressed out, add in losing my mom and I was a mess. I tried to handle it and go on but it just became too much so I decided not to sell. This is nothing against Loveswept, I love my Loveswept family and enjoyed my time with them. They did nothing wrong, this is me. I’m not made for it.

Now on my own again, I an crazy scared and worried but after doing the cover and then going through the editing process, I feel some what better but I am still really nervous. Just the other day Mr. Aleo said, ‘Man, I bet Breaking Away is going to sell a buttload’ and I go, ‘Or it could flop.’ He of course got mad at me and told me to stop being so negative but it’s hard. I remember when Taking Shots came out, all I wanted was for people to read it and love it. Then Trying to Score came and I was like ack! Two book and holy hell people still like it! Then when Empty Net came out, I was good, I was ready and man I was so proud. I loved where I was, then I sold and blew the heck up and now, I am back on my own again, praying and hoping that the book sells and that people love it. I want to do better and grow with each book that comes out and I want to rock y’all socks off. Its nerve wrecking but this is my life. This is the career that chose me and I am so blessed to be able to share my world with everyone. I’m just glad I’m not stressed now. I am writing like a machine. I’ve knocked out almost 4 books in the last 6 months. That’s insane to me. I am getting my groove back, I just wish I had my confidence too. Even with the reassurance from my betas that my books are amazing, I am still so scared.

So that’s what’s going on. I tried to get presales from Amazon, but they decided against it, which is fine. We will show them when the book comes out huh? Now when Breaking Away comes out, it will be priced at 2.99 but two weeks later on June 24, it will go up to 3.99 and I can promise you there will be NO 99 cents sells. I don’t control what happens with previous books, that is why they are on sale all the time. I think my work is worth way more then 99 cents and I can’t support my family on 35 cents so I can promise you, it wont happen. I am hoping that all of you decide to still buy Breaking Away and I pray y’all love it as much as I do. I am really excited for the future. I have 5 releases coming this year and I’m beyond ready for y’all to read them.

I thank you, each of you for all you’ve done. I have the BEST readers in the whole wide world. You’ve stuck beside me no matter what and I am so blessed for that. I couldn’t ask for better readers and I value each of you. I think I make sure to let y’all know that all the time. But just in case you weren’t sure. I do. I love you.

Thank you for reading this post and look forward to #WickedWomanWednesday!

Oh and on Friday, the Breaking Away trailer premires!!! So excited! BIG giveaway Friday too! It’s gonna be badass!!
#assassinsmonth #day4 #breakingawayiscomingin36days!

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