Hello All!! How is everyone doing? Everyone ready to send those kiddos back to school, or go back yourself? Lord knows, I am ready! These kids are driving me insane! hehe. The  good thing is that they both watch Harry Potter with me all day. It is insanely hot here in Tennessee right now, so we havent been outside much. I hate the heat with a passion!! Lol! The only thing we really have been doing while my husband works is go to the YMCA, so that their momma can get her work out on. Not that y’all care, but I’m gonna share anyways, I’ve lost 3lbs last week! YEHAW! It isnt the 10 that I lost the week before but it is healthy weight loss. Let me share a little story with y’all. Michael (the husband) and I eloped when we were 18, got married because our families told us we couldnt. So I didnt get my big ole wedding I had dreamed about. Fast forward 6 years, and Michael and I decided to finally have our wedding, only problem, I had gained SOOOOO much weight with the birth of my children. So I decided that I needed to lose some weight. I did good for a month but then I went to find a dress and was disgusted with the way I look so I went hardcore on my weight lost. 5 months later, I had lost 65 pounds. I did it in such a horrible way that I’ve gained almost all that weight back since I didnt stick with the intense diet I had put myself on. Well, a couple weeks ago, I looked at myself in the mirror and felt disgusting. I had gained all of it back, and honestly I dont know why my husband loves my big ass.

The icing on the cake was my daughter looked up at me, and with the saddest look on her face said, “Mommy, when I get older I dont want to be fat.”

I said, “Baby, you wont be.”

“Yes, I will mommy, because you are and I want to be just like you.”

So yeah, broke my heart and I decided I needed to change myself, not only for me but so my daughter never thinks that again. I know its my fault she thinks that, because I’m always calling myself a fatty and stuff like that. But I want to change it. So now, I’ve decided that I need to do it the right way and follow a diet plan and all that jazz. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished and know that I’ll meet my first goal of 25lbs by Disney.  Funny picture huh? Shea has to keep me motivated when I’m on the elliptical!  hehe! OH BY THE WAY! INCASE YOU MISSED IT! MY GORGEOUS SHEA WEBER IS STILL A PREDATOR!!!!!!!!!!! I’m gonna need him not to scare me like that ever again!

So off the subject of my big ole ass, let discuss something really cool! I am going to be at the Indie Romance Convention!!! I know people on facebook all know this but my blog followers might not! So yay, huh?! I’m really excited and if you are anywhere near TN, please come!! I am also looking into going to some other author meet and greets! I want to meet everyone! Thank you guys for being awesome!!! So yeah, I’m really excited. Also! I just put this one facebook, but my tshirt came in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEHAW! they are sooooo beautiful, i love them sooo very much! You can go on my facebook page to check out my sweet little bits wearing them! Maybe even to enter the little contest I’m running!

Okay, so I am in the final stages of the edit of Empty Net. I can’t wait for it to be done. Ready to hold that sucker in my hand, kiss the cover and wish it luck in the world of reading. I am hoping for big things with Empty Net. It is just so good, and I didnt feel this confident about the other two. This one, I dont know, I just have really high hopes! So finger crossed guys! I bet all of you are just waiting to get your paws on it and fall in love with Audrey and Tate, y’all will probably look like this kid on September 11th! 

Also, I dont know if y’all missed this or not, but I started Blue Lines….heheheheheehhehe. My husband is so mad, lol. He said “How in the world are you gonna start that one when Empty Net isnt fully done!” I just can’t help myself though. The next heroine has been on my mind HARDCORE and she deserves me to write her story! Just for shit and giggles, here is the last line I wrote last night: all the air rushed out of her as one of her favorite quotes by William Shakespeare came to mind.

When I saw you, I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew.

And just like that, she knew she had fallen in love.

I’m excited to really dive into this one, just gotta wait for Empty Net to be fully done! Then I’ll go back into writing mode, God help my friends and family! lol. Well, I really dont have anything else for y’all. Just know that I really do love all of you and look forward to seeing what everyone thinks of Empty Net! Only a month and a half left! Now off I go, gotta go to the dentist. BLAH! I am not excited about this! lol See y’all next week!!!! BYE!!!!

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