So sorry, I forgot about Cupcake day yesterday. I messed up my ankle on Sunday and have been a baby about it all week. I’ve been really tired too, and trying to get everything ready for the kids to start school! EEK! lol!

SOOOOOOOOOO Empty Net is in 40 days!! YEHAW! Almost there guys!!! here is today’s teaser 🙂 also, enjoy a nice look at Tate…..rawr…

“Well, hey there, beautiful.”
Audrey looked over to her left to see the guy she had left, not a week ago. Audrey took in a quick breath as her eyes met his. Holy moly! How the hell did he find her?!  Even in her state of shock, she couldn’t help but take in the fact that he looked positively scrumptious with his big blue eyes and long blonde hair in his eyes. That was probably the reason she slept with him. He was beautiful.
Yup, his name wasn’t clicking at all. Eek, she was such a slut! How did she sleep with a man and not know his name!? And why did he look younger than he did the other night!? He looked like he was sixteen! Oh, goodness! What had she done!? She was a child molester! She was going to go to jail for sleeping with a minor!!

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