I’m not a 100% sure why I started #AssassinsMonth on Mothers day weekend, especially when I am so so busy but here we go! Sorry if today sucks, don’t worry, tomorrow will be better! Anyways! For #SuperSeriesSaturday I wanna not only share an amazing graphic for #BlueLines but also I want to share some facts about #BlueLines. So here we go:
1. The whole birthing scene – that was based off my birth with my son.
2. Piper’s flightiness was based off me when I was younger. I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up and like every other young adult, I was never satisfied, that is until I started writing.
3. I named Dimitri, Dimitri because of my favorite book series, Vampire Academy.
4. I wrote Erik the way I did because I wanted people to hate him but then fall in love with him. Thats what I went through. I hated him when I first started but then I started to fall for him. Now he is one of my favorites.
5. I wrote Piper as a tradition pregnant woman. Crazy and impulsive but also I wrote her very loving. I love how much she loves Erik and that she doesn’t let him go. She fights. I love that.
6. Phillip Anderson is a HUGE part of this book, and I didnt do that so that it would lead into #BreakingAway, even though it did help, I did that cause I wanted Erik to have that best friend that would be his voice of reason. I loved him for that.
7. Reese Allen is made to be the bitch of the series, very cold but I think once you read #BreakingAway, your opinion on her will change. She actually one of my favorite females thus far.
8. My favorite part of #BlueLines is the part when Piper comes in after the ultrasound. I’ve never laughed so hard in my life typing a chapter. I loved everything about it, especially Phillip. He made that part for me!
9. While #BlueLines is special to me because I feel like it really shows that you shouldn’t give up on love. Hopeless romantic here!

So! What is your favorite thing about #BlueLines and also was the first day of #AssassinsMonth good??

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