Sure of himself, he said roughly, “I think you need a hug.”
She didn’t move at first. She only stood there and he squeezed her, loving the feel of her in his arms. He had wanted this from the moment he saw her. When she dropped her phone and notebook, wrapping her arms around his waist, a grin curved Benji’s lips as she slowly relaxed in his embrace. She smelled so good, felt like pure bliss in his arms, and he wanted to nuzzle his nose in her hair but wasn’t sure how that would go. He was surprised he was able to hug her, but it was obvious she needed it.


When she let out a long breath, her heart pounding against his belly, he held his own breath, fully expecting her to pull away. But she didn’t. Instead, she wrapped her arms tighter around him, nuzzling her nose in his chest and whispered, “Yeah, I think I do.”

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