What a great way to start a post, huh?

Hello all! How is everyone doing? Hope everyone is having a spectacular summer! I am, been chillin by the pool, and relaxing but still dead tired! LOL!. The kids are in summer camp this week which is great, get some mommy time, but basically all I’ve done is sleep and work out! I am currently in week two of ‘Toni needs to loose her tired before Disney’ and things are going great. 10lbs gone and 15 more to go before I reach my first goal. I just gotta remember this isnt a sprint but a marathon, that is going to take me a year. I got a big butt and I know it. ๐Ÿ˜› hehe. Like the picture of my husband and I? I love those glasses, him not so much, he says I look silly, but I’m a crazy chick. The other one is the one from when I went to Nashville this past weekend for my brother birthday and my bff’s Welcome home party. Crazy crazy night. Sheesh! I learned two things that night, one being, I’m not made for strip clubs, and two, I am getting old and can’t party the way I used to!ย  :-/ lol.

As a lot of you know, I am usually a pretty happy person. I love my life, my family, and my friends, not much can bring me down. But let me tell you, the post you are reading was not the original one. I have been trying to figure out wordpress and still really dont know what the heck I’m doing but yesterday I was checking my comments for my teaser when I saw what looked like spam. Before I could hit the spam button, I saw that it said Taking Shots – Toni Aleo. Intrigued, I clicked on the link and it brought me to this site. Hmm, is what I said, and then I saw the cover of Taking Shots. I continued to read on and see that it was a review. Cool school, I love reading reviews. I read them all, the bad, the good, and the ugly. Well this one was VERY ugly, she says she isnt attacking me but me and my whole support system think otherwise.


I wrote this big long post defending myself against her, but I’ve decided that it wont get me anywhere. It isnt going to make me feel better, it isnt going to do anything for my image, it will basically make me look stupid. So after talking to my bff Tara, and my husband I decided to delete the post and try again. I have more respect for my readers and my supporters than to do something like that. So this is me trying again and trying to keep a smile on my face and the attitude that haters are gonna hate. but first let me get this out: I’ve met Shea Weber ccountless times. I told him about the book, he knows, he’s more than likely read it. As has the whole team. They all know who I am, I have made myself know. When I told Shea about the book, his response to the fact that he was the inspiration of Shea Adler was that he was proud of me, and that he was happy I was living my dream. Since then, he is the first to smile at me and do that sexy little head thing guys do.ย  SO BOOYA!

So yeah, not the best way to end my day! BUT WHO CARES! On to happy stuff! I found this picture of pinteret the other day, and I should probably save it for a teaser but I am so excited to be almost done with my third edit of Empty Net that I want to share it now. This is such a Audrey and Tate moment. If his hair was blonde and she was a little thicker it would be perfect! I love it so much and thought I would share. Speaking of Empty Net, who is excited?! ME! hehe. So ready to hold that sucker in my hand and kiss its gorgeous cover! I love it so much. I also love all of you. I dont know how many times I can say that y’all make my day so much brighter! Everyone is so kind with the amazing comments on goodreads, facebook, twitter, and my blog. It makes all those haters not matter one bit! So here is my big hug to y’all. OH AND BIG EXCITING NEWS! My tshirts should be in this week! SO EXCITED to see those suckers! Took long enough huh? lol. Excited to get those and send them out. Also been looking at mugs, and tote bags and all kinds of fun stuff. I want Empty Net to be huge when it comes out, so I am trying to get stuff to butter people up! lol.

Well, thats all I got for y’all. I can’t wait till I start Blue Lines and then I can give y’all update about that. Or when Empty Net comes out! Can’t wait! I am still coming up with a giveaway for hitting 400 likes on Facebook. I want to do something big, so if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know!!! Everyone have a great week!


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