During an amazing conversation with my very intoxicated close friend, she told me that I might need to explain myself a bit with Fallon. That maybe people don’t just get her, or maybe do a back story about her.
I really don’t want to get back into Fallon and Lucas mode, my mind is already in Empty Net and I don’t want to go back. But I do want to say a few things about Fallon.
When I wrote Fallon, I thought of her as this deeply wounded woman that on the outside she is strong and confident (I wanted to do something different since Elli was so insecure). But on the inside, Fallon is falling apart because she lost her person. I personally love the character I made. I know, that if you were face to face with Lucas and he was turning on his Lucas charm, you would be a gonner but he broke Fallon. So at first she is trying her best to resist him.
When Lucas and Fallon met they were young, and everyone remembers young love. The intense, I would never leave you, you are mine and only mine kind of love. I remember it like it was yesterday, thankfully I never had to go through the pain of losing my one and only but Fallon did. She was so engrossed in Lucas, so in love, that finding him in bed with her best friend, just devastated her. Then she finds out she is pregnant and flees home where her father is complete ass to her. He continually reminds her of what she messed up. To top it off, Fallon goes seven years looking at a face that is the exact same one of the man she left, the man that broke her.
So yes, she is angry. She is mean, and bitchy, but if someone ripped your heart out and stomped on it, then you live seven years with the constant reminder of that love and that heartbreak that you lost, would you be nice? Especially when no matter what you still love him even if you don’t want too? It has to suck, and I think the way I wrote Fallon dealing with it was best.
I didn’t want it to be, they meet back up, she hates him but he convinces her not to, they have sex, the end. I mean, I wanted some depth, some feeling. I wanted you to get mad and feel for what they were going through. Whats the point in reading a book and at the end feeling nothing?
That just pointless.

Another thing I want to address.
Everyone has said how much they love Aiden. Y’all don’t know how much that means to me. Aiden is my son, Mikey.

Everything Aiden loves, he does, and the way he acts has been inspired by my own seven year old. Seven years olds are intense. Some are way above their age and my son is one of them. There isn’t a day that goes by where my son doesn’t blow me away. He’s amazing, perfect and my everything. So thank you for saying that you loved Aiden and that you thought he was perfect because I think so too.

Next thing I want to say is AIN’T is a word.

According to Webster Dictionary, it is. See:
Definition of AIN’T
1: am not : are not : is not
2: have not : has not
3: do not : does not : did not

I use the word AIN’T constantly. My word document doesn’t even turn it RED anymore. It is now a regular word just like everything else. I am southern belle. Even college educated people use ain’t, and it doesn’t mean that I didn’t go to college or that I’m not educated. It’s just a word in my vocabulary. I write the way I talk. It is who I am, and I am not going to change it. The day I stop saying Aint is the day I die.

And lastly,

Thank you.
Seriously. I have the best and kindest fan and I do love y’all something stupid. I appreciate your kind words of encouragement and your constant love for my books. Thank you so much. Really, y’all mean the world to me.

I swear, I’m almost done, but God, I love Shea Weber and my Preds! Two more games and we are off to round two!!! GO PREDS!!!!!


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