Oh. my. God. We only have 4 MONDAYS LEFT!! Can you believe it!? Cause I sure can’t!!!! Like always, Make sure to check out my Tour stops so you guys can join me for so many prizes!!! Also don’t forget to comment for a chance at a signed bookmark and then a 15$ Amazon gift card! Also the winner of the bookmark from last week is: Corinne

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Now here we go, Monday’s Teaser! Enjoy!!! Make sure to comment!


“Why are you still here? Go, never come back,” Fallon said.
“You don‘t mean it,” Lucas said confidently as he fell back into the chair that sat in front of her desk. “Not only are you trying to convince me that you don‘t want me, but you are trying to convince yourself. Is it working?”
Fallon rolled her eyes. “I do mean it, you jerk, so go.”
“I‘m not going anywhere until you come over here and sit on my lap. Maybe give me a sweet kiss from those naughty lips of yours,” he said, crossing his legs and smiling over at her.

So…what do you think of Lucas?!? hehe, he’s a cocky little thing! I just adore him! hehe! I hope y’all will too! Thanks again! Talk to y’all soon!


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