Hello All! And Happy Assassins’ Week!!!!! EEKK! So excited for a week just for Taking Shots and Trying to Score! Isnt it fantastic?! I think so! Thank you so much to Tabby over at Insightful Minds, for putting on what I know will be a great week! Make sure to join us girls!!!!

I would like to mention: Autumn at The Autumn Review, Tara at Taters Tall Tails, Karen at a Nose in a Book, Tabby at Insightful Minds, Shawna at Dreaming in the Pages, Lisa at A Tasty Read, Andrea at the Bookish Babe, and Julie at A Tale of Many Reviews. These girls are amazing and the best bloggers in the biz in my opinion. I wish I could go into each reason why I love each of them, but we would seriously be here for hours. So, thank you all for your continued support!

So….we only have 3 Monday until Trying to Score is out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! but if I get 7 more reviews on Taking Shots on Amazon then we’ll only have 2! Holy Moly! Can you believe it?! I sure cant! hehehe! I am so excited and feel so blessed to have such amazing fans and amazing friends that support me!

The winner of the bookmark from last week is: twentysomethingfictionwriter CONGRATS! hehe. Please email me your address @ toni.aleo@yahoo.com!!! Remember to comment on this post for a chance at a signed book mark and a 15$ gift card to Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

So without further ado, my teaser for the week. I can’t wait for y’all to read this book. Fallon and Lucas are a trip, here you go:


“We were good together. Like you said, we are two different people now and the new me can’t do what we had. It was too toxic, too intense.”
“It was perfect, and you know it. Stop fighting it.”
Fallon rolled her eyes. “I mean, what do you want? Do you just want to go fuck and get it over with?”
Hearing that risqué word leave those luscious lips had Lucas rock hard. He had to fight the lust that screamed for him to say ’YES’ to say no, because that wasn’t only what he wanted. He was ready to be with someone, he was ready to be with Fallon.
“No baby, I want you. All of you. I promise I won’t mess up this time, I just need you to believe me,” he pleaded, taking a step towards her, but she put her hand on his chest, stopping him.

Happy Teaser Monday all! AND GO PREDS!!!!!!!!!!!



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