Okay, so usually I don’t come on here and address things that are bothering me. Im usually very laid back and don’t allow what people say to bother me, but the hate mail about Tangled in the Laces is getting to be a bit much. There is a difference between saying, ‘OMG I LOVE THE PREQUEL AND I WANT MORE! I DONT KNOW IF I CAN WAIT TILL 2015 FOR THE BOOK!’ and then “YOU ARE SUCH A BITCH FOR MAKING US WAIT! DONT YOU KNOW YOU HAVE TO GIVE US THIS LIKE YESTERDAY. ITS NOT FAIR AND YOU STOLE MY MONEY CA– USE I ONLY BOUGHT THAT BOOK TO READ YOUR PART! YOU HAVE JUST LOST A FAN’ <~ So first, let me address that I am not stealing your money, this is going to the Hockey Fights Cancer foundation. Another thing, I have stressed and stressed, that this is not a full novel. It is a prequel. I had 25k words to work with, this is what you got. I am super proud of this prequel and to be honest I really don't understand the hate mail. It's kinda crazy. I'm not going to write cookie cutter romances. I will write stuff that makes you cringe, that breaks your heart and then put a smile on your face because thats life. Life isn't sunshines and rainbows all the darn time and I take pride in the fact that I try to make my books as real as possible. When I said the expect release date was 2015, it was a ball park estimate to give me time to write it. Thankfully, I'm writing quickly and plan to start Laces and Lace as soon as I'm done with Rush of Love or Jude or whatever I'm calling it. I work very hard and take pride in everything I write. It comes from my heart and while I take critique as a way to grow, there is a line between bashing me and critiquing me. I get that you want the book guys, I do and I want nothing more than to give it to y'all, you know that, but please, lets cool it with the hate mail.

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