Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00074] I am so excited about my new release that is coming out in 30 days on October 2, 2013!! Starting tomorrow, on every Tuesday a teaser will be posted and on every Thursday a spotlight will be posted until the release! I am excited for y’all to meet my new characters and to succumb into the world I have created. Let it be Me has received two fantastic reviews in the last two days. Both by authors that I care for and love very much.

Take a minute and read them below and make sure to keep checking back for the teasers and spotlights!

JL Brooks, author of Distractions and Rotten:

First of all it must be stated that this book will touch a nerve, at least it did with me, and as a great story should. I had the honor of beta reading this story and I believe every man and woman that reads this will walk away from it feeling a little more compassionate and carry a lot more resolve.

Violet is a beautiful, vibrant, young woman who like millions of others, falls in love with the wrong man. As outsiders it is easy for us who are not in the situation to tell them, “just leave, you can do with out him, why do you let him do this?”

It’s not so simple, and through Violet, you learn why.

You learn why she just cannot leave, why she stays, and why she lets him do it. You discover how a woman in such a fragile state can have the heart of a lion, and how a man holds the ability to crush that strength with one punch of his fist. You will champion with Violet as she clings to hope and gathers the fragments of courage necessary to fight.

Violet will teach you what it means to be afraid, and in the same breath how to be brave.

Through the blood, bruises, and verbal assaults, she will enlighten you on how much guts it takes to wake up every day knowing what greets you at dawn.

Fear not…

Fate intervenes, and by coincidence Violet will come face to face with a man who does not save her, but gives her endurance to battle her own way out, despite his natural male instincts to play hero. You will find yourself screaming at Violet to make different choices, anguished by the crushing of your chest when things do not go the way you want them to. But this isn’t our story, it’s hers.

You will find yourself turning the pages, anticipating what each one will reveal. You will find yourself gritting your teeth and physically feeling the emotional state of the characters. And Dr.Tucker McCloud will make you swoon, just like he does to Violet. Your heart will flutter, your knees will go weak, you might just drool a little, he is that amazing. He is just what Violet needs to find bearings in the darkness. He is that small reminder that goodness still exists, and she can be happy.

Quoted by Violet:

“Get a blanket and maybe a glass of wine, you’re going to need it, because my story isn’t a happy one, well no, I take that back. It can be happy, I can be happy; I just have to get there. I have to fight for it. So sit back and let me explain how the fight was woken inside me.
It starts and ends with Tucker McCloud”

I love how Mrs. Aleo tells this story, it is unique because it is not her telling you a story, it is the character’s inviting you on a journey. You will think about them long after the last sentence is read, the mark of a great novel. Although this is different than her previous work, I feel it is one of her most brilliant. 5 stars all the way!!!

& the second is by Heidi McLaughlin, USA Today’s best selling author of Forever my Girl, My Everything, Lost in You and My Unexpected Forever:
It’s no big secret that I’m a fan of Toni Aleo. I have been going on a year now. So when she threw this at me I didn’t hesitate even though I knew it was going to tear me up inside.

Toni stepped outside her penalty box to deliver a hardcore, gritty novel. Let it be Me is about personal struggle and protecting those you love even if the end result is your own demise because when you love one so fiercely you’d rather take the blows instead of seeing your loved ones hurt.

Let it be Me is so intense, raw and poignant that I had a constant ache in my chest.

This isn’t your normal Aleo book, no this is something more. Fans will see a new side of Toni and that will just make you appreciate her more.

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