Holy Hot Hockey players! Empty Net has 101 reviews! IN ELEVEN DAYS! WTF?!?! I am seriously flabbergasted right now. Not only that, but people are liking me and following me something fierce! What in the world is going on?! This is so freaking awesome! I feel like crying! Y’all rock my world! EEK! Okay, so to the reason I’m writing. So, like I said I’ll give y’all what you want if I reached 100 reviews, but I feel like only giving you a name isnt enough. Y’all are the peanut to my butter so I need to give you something EPIC! I just dont know what. I have the first three chapters of Blue Lines, so I was thinking I’d give everyone the prologue, but NO ONE has read it. Not one single person. Its insane cause usually my beta readers or my critique partner would have read it by now, but nope, no one. It’s not even edited. It’s sitting on my computer staring at me, waiting for me to get the MOJO I need to finish. Sooooo what to do? Blah. Let me ask around to my folks, my homies and even y’all comment and let me know what you want. Would a simple name be enough? I guess I could give you the song for the book too? Blah. I dont know, I just feel like I need to give you more than just a name. Give me until tomorrow and I’ll give you something, but till then, tell me what you think! Again, y’all are the best ever! Thanks so much for making Empty Net a hit in my mind! ♥

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