Just a reminder! The Assassins Blog Tour(please click link for more information!) starts next week, 4/30/2012! I’m really excited about my Blog tour and I hope to see everyone there!!! There will be a giveaway at each blog and at the end tour there will be a HUGE grand prize! Everyone should join me at each stop, not only to support me, but to support all the blogs that have signed up to review me! This has been one hell of a ride and I can’t wait to keep riding it! I want to thank Autumn at The Autumn Review and Julie at A Tale of Many Reviews for all they have done! Without them this tour wouldn’t be happening, so thank you girls!
I hope to see everyone there!!!!!!

Also, funny story…hehe! Today my family and I went to the Nashville Zoo, a very speical place in Trying to Score (those who have read it, know why, hehe!)! anyways, on my way to the awesome elephants, we visited the Rainbow Lorikeets. Well, I dont know if it was my outfit or what, but I got attacked by the birds. While my husband and son were laughing their butts off, my daughter was screaming, “MOMMY THEY ARE GONNA EAT YOU!” Lmao! It was horrible! My husband snapped a picture and I wanted to share it with everyone!
Have a Blessed Sunday and thank you all for your amazing support!


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