awww look how much it’s grown!!

Holy moly! Can y’all believe it?!?! A year??! Who would have known!? I sure didnt! When I started this, I never thought I would be 3 books in, writing the fourth, so believe me, I am pretty shocked right now. Everything is moving amazingly, and I wish I could tell y’all my fantastic news, but I cant. So hopefully by the time I get back from Disney I’ll be able to share! So lets get on to the fun stuff!

 Y’all know I love you right?

So very much. Y’all have been with me from the beginning and just knowing that you’ll be with me forever makes my heart race. I have the BEST fans in the world, and y’all know I love to spoil you. If I had my way, I’d give each of you a mini Shea, Lucas, and Tate for your pockets, but since I can’t, how about some FANTASTIC prizes??

Here are the prizes!

10 winners will be chosen to win a eBook copy of any of the books (Taking Shots, Trying to Score, and Empty Net.

5 winners will be chosen to win the whole series on eBook.

3 winners will win a swag pack (includes, bookmark, hockey stick key chain, bracelet, and tshirt.)

2 winners will win the whole series signed by me.

and one lucky winner will get the chance to be a beta reader for Blue Lines.

annnnnndddd…..two KINDLE FIRES HD!!!!!!


Yes!! you read that right!!! 2 kindle fires HD will be given to two lucky winners!


I wish I could have given y’all what I wanted but believe me when I am able to give y’all my news, it will make up for the fact that I couldnt. But really? Two Kindle Fires? Y’all are probably screaming! eeek! I know I am, and so is my husband…lol, not for the happy reason either! lol

Also, I’d like to thank everyone who added Blue Lines on their TBR on Goodreads, y’all are the reason there are two Kindles to be given away.

Okay, so in case the fact that I am giving away TWO KINDLE FIRES HD didnt make you scream, how about a little Blue Lines Teaser??

Here ya go!!!

Everyone remembers the moment when they weren’t using their better judgment.

Piper Allen’s moment started with five slow, lusty words that were whispered into her ear.

“I heard you liked me.”

Piper turned quickly from the bar of Wanna B’s to meet a pair of brown eyes that starred in her dreams ever since the very first moment she set eyes on them. Piper didn’t just like the owner of the dark as night brown eyes; she was hopelessly in love him.

Erik Titov.

SO there you go!! EKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay now go enter for all the goodies and make sure to wish Taking Shots a very happy birthday!!!

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