I havent had a blog post in a while, so here I am!
Things are well in Toni Aleo land. My son is a second grader now, and my daughter is kindergartener, yes I cried all morning. hehe. The end of school year has came really quick and now I have two little people to entertain while trying to write Empty Net. I know, exhausting right? Since I know I am going to be beyond busy, I wanted to see what everyone would think about a Writing Wednesday. 
I thought of it the other day while I was writing..it was a Wednesday, anyways, I thought I could post what I’m doing with the book. Like what chapter I’m on, or something like that. 
I really dont have anything else to post but reviews and links to other blogs when stuff comes up. With Preds hockey season over…a moment of silence please…..I really have nothing, I promise I’m a really boring person. lol! So what do y’all think?
Thank so much, and enjoy your weekend!
Don’t forget to enter the contest! It ends tomorrow!


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