EEKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!! I am so excited! I am able to give y’all a teaser!! /EKKK! hehehe. No reason to talk about anything else, I know what y’all want! Here you go! Dont forget to preorder BLUE LINES which comes out 8/13/2013!!!!!!!

“I want to run,” Erik whispered.
“Run?” Piper asked as he opened his eyes to see that she was looking at him.
He watched as what he was saying became clear. Her eyes became sad as she nodded, “It wasn’t good?”
“It was great, that’s the problem,” he muttered as he looked away. “Piper, I am so fucked up, and I can’t help but feel like running away.”
He shook his head as he closed his eyes. Why couldn’t he tell her? Just say that he loved her and it scared him so bad that he needed to run. What was keeping him in that bed? What was keeping him with her? That he was a cheating jerk that who didn’t deserve someone so beautiful? That it scared him that she was a little flighty and that she could break him in two if she ever left him? What if he wasn’t enough?
“Because I’m scared.
“Of me?” she asked her eyes wide as she leaned back to look at him better. He nodded and she gave him a puzzled look. “Erik, I would never hurt you.”
He nodded again. “I could hurt you.”
She blinked twice before looking down at their naked bodies, “That’s the risk I’m willing to take,” she whispered as she looked back up at him. “You just gotta take that risk on me.”
“I don’t know if I can.”
“Then we have a lot of work ahead of us. Either we can try or go the way we’ve been.”
Erik didn’t know what to say. Why did she want to deal with him? Why did she want to work with him? He hadn’t been the easiest person to deal with. With a shrug he said, “I don’t know, Piper.”
“Okay,” she said with her own shrug, cuddling closer to him, “well I’m not letting go and the least you can do is cuddle back since you gave me three orgasms. Now kiss me.”
A smile came across his face as he looked down at her. “Kiss you?”
“Yes, because you need one and I like doing it.”


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