So I’ve been thinking…I know scary thing! hehe, but I think I want to blog more. Since I am not writing right now, I figured that I wanted to do more blogging. I am about to start the second edit of Empty Net, I’ve read a couple books and I hope to read more, but I’m kinda bored. Since I can’t decide what the heck I want to write next, I figured boring y’all will be fun. lol. So here is the schedule for the next couple weeks. It will go for as long as I want to do it. If you think it is pointless, please tell me! LOL! I am just trying new things! But anyways, Here we go:

Audrey’s Cupcake Monday: I will be posting a recipe of super awesome cupcakes I find on pinterest or I steal from my best friend!
A Teaser Tuesday: Teaser from upcoming works of mine. Empty Net, Harper’s Novella, or Blue Lines.
Totally Random Wednesday: This will be basically Writing Wednesday.
Totally Hot Thursday: I will be posting total hotness.
Tate’s Playlist Friday: Songs from Tate’s playlist.

So what do y’all think? Hope you think its a great idea! Starts tomorrow!!!

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