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Blue Lines
This is a flashback of the first time Erik and Piper meet.

Piper had walked into her big sister, Harper’s, new home with all the excitement of seeing her new niece again. The only problem was that she was tired and worn out. She was working eighty hour weeks at the jewelry store and it was safe to say Piper was running on empty. Because of this, she had come dressed in something simple, a pair of black skinny jeans and a white billowy top that hung off her shoulder. She had thrown her hair up quickly, tendrils falling into her eyes that weren’t made up to perfection.
Before she could even say hello to anyone, she took her new niece from Harper and kissed her sweet Ally Mae. Harper stood by shaking her head; she was used to the way Piper acted when she saw Ally. Everyone was. The world stopped when her sweet little niece was placed in her arms. She loved her sister, but Harper might need to accept that since Ally was in the world now, she was bound to be second best to the darling baby. It still blew Piper’s mind that something so gorgeous and sweet came from Harper. She thought this as she glanced up from Ally to her older sister.
Meeting her sister’s catlike brown eyes, Piper smiled. It was so exciting and Piper couldn’t wait to be the best aunt imaginable. She loved kids, and was very surprised when Harper told her she was pregnant. Pregnant and Harper didn’t go in the same sentence.
No one understood why Harper, or hell, even Reese were the way they were. In the past, they were both the same. They didn’t want a relationship, no man to deal with. They were perfectly happy, screwing a different guy each night and moving on without a care in the world while Piper strived to find her forever kind of guy. Harper and Reese had been so different than Piper that she was sure that they were the twins in the family.
Piper thought that Harper would never be a mommy, but she proved everyone wrong when she met Jakob Titov.
Jakob was Harper’s kryptonite.
Piper knew that Jakob was different when Harper first brought him home. Not only was he gorgeous, and funny, he was sweet and everyone in the room could see that he adored her sister. It was odd to see her sister gush over a guy, but Harper was gushing while her whole family (minus Piper’s twin, Reese) sat in total shock. They were gorgeous together. Finishing each other sentences, stealing kisses, sending lusty looks across the room when they were apart. It was unreal, and for the longest time, Reese didn’t even believe it when Piper would talk about how Harper and Jakob were together. But then Reese saw it first hand when she came home from New York for Christmas. That was when Harper told them she was moving in with Jakob and then, the next thing Piper knew, Harper was pregnant and getting married.
The wedding was very small and quick, only Harper and Jakob’s closet friends and family were there, and then a week later, Allison Mae was born. Jakob’s family wasn’t able to make it to the wedding because of a death in the family, hence the reason for the dinner only a week after Ally’s birth. Piper was excited to meet her sister’s in-laws. She loved Jakob, so she was pretty sure she would love his parents and his younger brother, too.
Leaning back on the couch in Jakob and Harper’s beautiful home, Piper nuzzled Ally’s cheek before she kissed her chin. She was such a gorgeous baby. Smooth pink skin, little pink lips, and bright brown eyes like her mommy and dark hair like her daddy. She was on the small side but Piper knew she would fill out nicely. She was loud, but she was Harper’s daughter, what did anyone expect? But it didn’t matter because to her, Ally was perfect and Piper loved her the moment she set eyes on her.
She watched as Ally slept, cuddled in a blanket on her legs. Piper felt so relaxed and as if nothing in the world could match that moment. She planned to be the best aunt. One that was loving, cool, and fun. One that Ally would be proud to have. Piper knew it was too early for her to have kids, plus it wasn’t as if she had a boyfriend or husband to give her a baby anyways. She was only 24. She still had a whole lot of no-kids life to live, but looking down at Ally, holding her sweet little hand in hers, she kind of wished she was ready and had someone to give her that child. She knew that would all change later when she left, though. She would go home to her cute little studio apartment, fall behind her work desk and get lost in her illustrations that she was tinkering on for her friend Emmaline, forgetting all her thoughts of babies.
When the front door rang, Ally woke with a start, her arms and legs moving wildly as she let out a helpless cry. “Aw, sweet baby, shhh, its okay,” Piper cooed as she bundled her in her arm., “I got you, darling, I’ll always have you,” she declared before she placed a soft kiss on Ally’s cheek. As she calmed Ally down with kisses and sweet words, she looked down the hall to see who had entered. Jakob was hugging a woman while a man stood behind him, with a huge smile on his face. It had to be Jakob’s parents, Alla and Cooper. A smile came across Piper’s face as she watched her sister and brother-in-law greet them, but then, her eyes met his.
He was just standing there, his eyes locked with hers, ignoring the commotion that was going on behind him.
And he was spectacular.
Dark, dark brown eyes that were looking straight into her soul. His even darker hair was in a messy style, falling into his eyes in a lazy way. His chin and jaw covered with the same dark hair in a 5’o-clock shadow that made Piper’s mouth water. His mouth was curved in a knowing grin, one that told her he knew what she was thinking. She was thinking that she wanted to lick him from his head to his toes and make sure to stop for a long time in between.
As her eyes left his gorgeous face to make the long trip down his tall frame, she couldn’t help but notice how wide his shoulders were and how thick his arms looked. Not only was his body to die for, but he had a killer style. He wore a blue pin striped shirt, covered by a dark blue cardigan. His jeans were on the tight side in a mustard yellow and were folded up at the bottom, showing off his blue Toms. In no way shape or form would anyone say he was gay, though, even if he was wearing mustard color pants. He was too sexy, too hot, too manly and for some reason, even if it wasn’t the kind of style Piper usually liked, she was digging it at that moment.
And if she wasn’t in awe of him, she might have chastised herself for not coming to dinner looking freaking fantastic!
He started for her, and she looked up at his face as he ran his hand through his hair, moving it from his eyes. It was like he was being drawn to her, his eyes never leaving hers, his lips still holding that knowing half grin as her body started to hum for his. She felt like she was in a daze that her body was moving without her even telling it too. Before he could even reach her she was standing up, gathering Ally in her arms as she looked up at him. He had to be almost two feet taller than her 5’1 frame and Lord, was he lean, and sexy, and man, her girlie parts were screaming.
They basically blew up when, in a deep sensual voice, he said, “Hi.”
That was all, just hi, causing her to wonder if she even had panties on anymore.
Piper swallowed loudly, before squeaking, she said, “Hi.”
He grinned as he moved his arm across his chest, his other cupping his jaw as he looked down at her. Along his forearm in bold black script it said ‘Nothing lasts’. What did that mean? Looking up at him, she found that his grin distracted her from the tattoo.
“Are you the younger sister I keep hearing about?”
He was incredibly sexy and all Piper could do was return the grin as she answered, “I’m one of them.”
“What’s your name?” he asked, moving his thumb along his bottom lip, hypnotically.
She was surprised she remembered it, “Piper.”
He nodded, his finger stopping before he said, “The younger twin.”
Piper rolled her eyes, “Only by three minutes.”
He laughed as he nodded, “I’m Erik, Jakob’s younger brother.”
“By minutes or years?”
He smiled, “I’m four years younger.”
He was only a year older than her and for goodness sakes he was finer than his brother. Piper never thought that could happen. Jakob was a spectacular man, tall and sexy, but looking at Erik Titov, he took the cake, the bakery, hell, even the damn baker! He was hands down the most delectable man she had ever seen.
Looking down since looking at him was beginning to make her breathless; she nodded as a smile pulled at her lips. She had to stop staring at him, she was bound to turn into a blubbering idiot! But before that could even happen, he said, “I’m sorry if this is a little brash of me, but you are beautiful.”
Piper looked up quickly, her smile falling as her lips parted in complete shock. He smiled nervously, before looking behind him. Her heart was pounding against her ribs, her breathing was erect and she felt a little light headed. Did the most gorgeous guy on earth just say she was beautiful? Piper was a confident girl, but at that moment, she couldn’t help but think what the hell did he want with her?
When he looked back down at her, nervously, she said the only thing that came to mind, “Thank you.”
“You are very welcome. I’m sorry if I keep staring. I’m usually not like this.”
Letting out a girly giggle, she said, “I don’t mind at all, because believe me, I’m staring just as hard.”
Way to be subtle there, Piper.
Groaning inwardly, she couldn’t help but keep her eyes locked with his as he said, “You are?”
“Most definitely.”
They shared a long hot look, her body tingling as the air crackled around them. A slow sexy smirk went across his lips before his eyes left hers, looking down at Ally. “Is that my new niece?”
Taking in a deep unsteady breath, thanking the sweet Lord above for the distraction, she said, “Why, yes it is. Ally, this is your Uncle Erik.”
Ally just laid there, her wide brown eyes looking off to the side as both of them stared down at her. “I would say she is as breathtaking as her aunt, but she looks just like Jakob.”
Piper laughed. He was laying it on thick, and she didn’t mind one bit. She welcomed it. It wasn’t every day a guy swept her off her feet and she was going to enjoy this ride. “Yup, through and through, but she is loud like her mama and maybe one day she’ll have a gap like her auntie,” Piper said grinning. When she glanced up at him, his eyes burned with desire holding her hostage.
“Lets hope so, because your mouth is intoxicating.”
Breathing wasn’t optional when Erik was looking at her like that and saying those amazing words. He ran his tongue along his bottom lip and when he glanced back up at her, he gave her a confident grin. Without much warning, Piper’s heart kicked into overtime, her face flushed as her limbs went numb. She felt like she was going to pass out and her vision was hazy as he reached out, taking Ally from her.
As his hands brushed against her breast, catching her on fire, she somehow handed Ally over to him. Getting it together, Piper watched as he held Ally close to him. Since Ally was born, there wasn’t a moment when Piper wasn’t engrossed with her cuteness, but at that moment, she was too busy admiring Erik. She could appreciate a good looking man, but with Erik she wanted to drop to her knees and praise him. He was awaking things deep inside her that Piper was sure was cover in cobwebs from her lack of love life. Was it the fact that he was so tall and muscular? She loved a man that she could get lost in his arms, and Erik was the perfect candidate for that. His arms were thick of course, and Piper knew that was from the years of playing hockey. His pants hugged his legs in certain spots and she could tell they were also toned and thick. Her body was begging to get tangled with those sexy legs. It was unreal, and unfair for a man to have this much of an effect on her!
Looking back to where he held Ally, she noticed that Ally could get lost in his large hands and she couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like to be touched by him. His lips dusted her forehead as he pinned her with a sweet smile. Piper could see the instant love in Erik’s eyes for Ally and when he looked up at her, giving her the same loving smile, all the air rushed out of her as one of her favorite quotes from Hamlet by William Shakespeare came to mind.
‘When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew.’
And just like that, she knew she had fallen in love. But it was short lived.
Unfortunately, Piper remembered that Erik lived in Florida, playing for the Florida Rays, the Nashville Assassins’ farm team. This didn’t stop her from falling head over heels in love with him. She was hopeless, and watching him walk out that door with only one last grin was horrible. She wished she had the guts to ask him for his number or something. But she hadn’t, she basically stood there, counting the steps he took as he walked out of her life.

Good huh? I love these two and cant wait for the world to read them!!! Now onto Breaking Away, its short because I dont want to give away too much:

Breaking Away

Phillip Anderson never thought it would be easy, but this was fucking ridiculous. Driving through downtown Minnesota, he let out an annoyed breath as her searched the streets for his sixteen year old niece. After a very heated conversation with Phillip’s great aunt, Alice, he not only got cussed out but he also inherited a very angry teenager. How did this happen? Everything seemed like it would work out after the death of his older sister, Rochelle, three months before. Claire would stay with Alice and she would make sure Claire had a good life until she went off to college, or whatever the hell she wanted to do. Phillip didn’t know what that was but not from lack of trying. Claire wouldn’t talk to him, all she did was glare and he was sure she was planning his early death. Which who could blame her? After Rochelle had been killed, Claire was supposed to come to him, but when Alice offered, saying that a twenty nine year old man couldn’t properly raise a teenage girl, Phillip jumped at the offer.

Now, I really dont know what to tease from the new book I am releasing because I have been keeping this story a secret. I am self publishing this one and the only way I am going to go with a publisher is if it is a print deal. I have been in a really horrible spot the last month. I lost my mother on May 27, 2013 and two weeks later I came up with the idea for this book and have been writing it ever since. The thing with this book is that it is so near and dear to my heart that I need everything my way and no one else’s. In no way, shape or form am I leaving my Assassins behind. Dont think that. I will always write the Assassins and even more hockey books with different teams and hopefully more of Aynslee and Jordan. My heart belongs to hockey but I think I need to do this to see if I am more than a hockey romance writer. I am taking a big big leap in my writing. I am writing about something that not too many people like to touch. As you all know, I take chances and I write about real issues and this book is going to show the world what I’m made of.
Anyways, I hope to have your support in this book as I’ve have in the Assassins series. I plan to have a cover reveal for this on Aug 2, 2013. I will have links when my two blog tour ladies get it to me, so that you bloggers can sign up for the reveal and the tour. I plan to release in October. Not sure on the date yet, but I am thinking the beginning of October, after Blue Lines comes out and does amazing. That could always change and I’ll make sure to let you know what that is. I will post the link for Let it be Me’s page as soon as I make it, but until then, here is one line from the book.

Let it be Me
The only thing I ever feel is fear…

Thank y’all so much for the support and love. I hope you enjoy the teasers!

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