Oh, what a night.

That is the only way I can describe GnashVegas to you. I have never had so much fun and been so proud of myself, in one night. Let me start by saying that this night would have never happened if it wasnt for the most amazing husband in the world, and the greatest friends in the world.

It all started when my husband pulled off in the middle of Broadway, blocked a taxi and told me GO! so I went, with a kiss first and I promised I would come home as long as Weber did steal me. Michael (my husband) didnt laugh at that….but I did. hehe. Anyways, my friend, Tasha, and I walked nervously into the Bridgestone Arena to check in. Once checked in, we descended down 9,000 stairs, mind you, I was wearing 5 inch heels, and luckily I didnt fall to my death. Once on stable ground, I made my way around the gala, checking out the scene, and looking for Shea Weber. When I saw him, I froze up, and just stood there for a good minute. Well I figured I wasnt going to be able to talk to him, even with all the support I had, so I went to the open bar. After two good ole Patron Margaritas, I still wasnt ready to talk to him, so I worked the room, which really consisted of me playing black jack and watching Shea Weber hang with his girlfriend (boo! but I mean, I’m married…so really…yeah..nevermind…BOO!) and his teammates. They were like the cool kids at prom and I was the nervous girl in heels that she shouldnt be wearing. It was horrible. lol. I was convinced my night was a bust.

Well he left his girlfriend while I was winning at black jack and went to the little photo op spot. I had already planned on getting my picture made, so I hopped up and went over there. I was first in line and he gave me a grin as I made my way towards him. He asked me how I was, and I squeaked out, I was fine and how was he, he said he was good and then he wrapped his arm around me, (yes, I totally almost scream) and looked at the camera. The photographer said something was wrong, so he turned (while still holding me) and just smiled and then I blurted out.

“I gotta tell you something.”

He smiled, “Whats that?”

“I gotta tell you because my husband is going to kill me if I dont.”

He stops smiling and says, “What?”

I almost choked and said, “Oh you want me to tell you now?”

He says, “Well yeah.”

I said, “Oh, well, I wrote a book, and well I am published and I just got done with the second and I am starting the third, and people love me and its all because you inspired the first book, and I just want to thank you for the inspiration and thank you since you have helped changed my life. I would have never been where I am now if it wasnt for meeting you and watching you play.”

I said it just like that, and I dont think I paused because at the end I was breathing hard.

Shea’s face lite up, and he said, “Really?”

I giggled and said,”Yeah.”

He is still smiling something fierce at me and says, “Wow, thats awesome. I am so proud of you. I am also happy for you. I hope that you have continued success and I wish you all the best in your future books.”

While I am eternally screaming, the photographer says, “Smile!”

and so we do.

I tell him thank you so much, and as I’m walking away, he saids, it was great to meet me, and I think I did a little skip and hop as I made my way to my friend.

I was a little disappointed even though in a way I shouldnt have been. But I wanted more, I wanted him to ask me about the books or something but he didnt. I understand now that he was probably overwhelmed and I was told by another player that he is kinda shy, and standoffish when he doesnt know someone. Plus I mean really, I told him I wrote a book inspired by him! I’m lucky I didnt get a restraining order put on me. (I am checking to make sure about that, though.)

So the night goes on, I told Jodin TooToo about his inspiration in the second book, and his response was, “Wow, thats badass.” I love a man of few words. Good man, that Jodin TooToo. If Shea wasnt such a hunka hunka burning love, I would probably be a fan.

I met up with Nick Spaling and talk him into doing a video for my best friend. He does it, but he was a complete dork about it. He said I was making him nervous and I said “Hello! You’re Nick Spaling! Really?!?” he laughed at that. It was fantastic and I will never for that. He was such a doll baby! I just adore him.

I am about 6 drinks in and now I am talking to God and everybody. After talking Peke Rinne’s ear off about being an awesome goalie, I decide, I needed to talk to Smith. Poor kid, we talked for twenty minutes about how he’s an awesome player because he was meant to play and I am awesome writer because I was meant to write. The kid had a point and when I told him he inspired book 4, he said, “So I can say I inspired a book?” I said, yeah. He said cool, I’m in a book. LMAO!

So then I head on over to the open bar, (I promise I am not normally a drunk….really I’m not.) and Anders Lineback is over there. I proceed to tell him that he is book 3. he said “Me?! Not Rinne?” and I laughed and I said, no you. and he said “That is so freaking cool!” so we talked a little and then I asked if I could buy him a beer, and he grinned extra big at me, and he said oh yes you can. Remember, it was an open bar, so yeah, that was one of my highlights and we both got a good laugh out of that.

Now I am basically talking and telling everyone about my book. People are laughing and we are having a great time. Then comes Kevin Klein. I have to say, Mr. Klein made a HUGE impression on me. We talked for, no joke, 45 minutes. We talked about everything, he asked me where he could get my book. Ask me about the series, where I’m selling to. I told him how I have brought hockey to many people and about the emails I get from people about it. We talked about our families, and then we talked about how him and his wife met and oh my God, I fell in love. He was amazing, and I will never forget that moment.

All in all, the night was success, and when I went to practice today with my best friend since she didnt get to go last night, they all remember me!!! I think I made an impression, and Thank sweet baby Jesus, it was a good one! Shea and I shared a long fulfilling look (Yes! I am still screaming about it). Klein said hi to me, by name, Spaling made my best friends life time, and Smith giggled at me. Josi and I discussed my hungoverness and Anders gave me a big happy grin. It was amazing, and I will never forget that night.

I hope I didnt bore y’all and I hope you guys dont think I’m a drunk…lmao! Thanks so much for reading and thank you so much for all the encouraging words! I think I have pretty much the best group of fans ever!!!

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