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Final Blue Lines

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The next morning, Piper was rushing to get her hair done when Erik came knocking on the door.
“Hey, Shea has the boat ready.”
“I’m almost done,” she said running her last piece through her hair straighter. She glanced in the mirror and saw that he was still standing there, watching her. “Yeah?”
“I need to talk to you.”
“Okay, we’ll I’m doing my hair. It can wait until later can’t it? I’m trying to hurry.”
He nodded. “Sure, I’m gonna head down.”
“Alright,” she said. She watched as he sent her one last look and then left the bathroom. She had no clue what he wanted to talk about but she hoped it wasn’t about the ultrasound. They had a decent night the night before. They had spent the night playing games with everyone and it was nice to not be the single one that has to be stuck with the other single person. They hadn’t won the games they played, but it was still fun to be on his team. He was crazy competitive, but he wasn’t an ass about it like Lucas could be. Fallon and he had to quit because they got into it during Jenga. Fallon was convinced they should have picked this one block, while Lucas was hollering about another one. It was hilarious but she was thankful that Erik wasn’t like that. He went with whatever she said, and since she was good at the game, they did well, but no one could beat Shea and Elli. They were Jenga game masterminds.
Finishing up her hair, she threw it all on top of her head, and ran out the bathroom to grab her beach bag. They were all going out on the boat, and Piper was ready to go. Elli had brought her nanny with her, and she was going to keep all the kids while everyone went on the boat. As she made it down the stairs, a smile crept on her face. She was ready to get out and have fun with her friends. It was going to be a blast.
Rushing out the door, she found everyone on the beach, waiting to board Shea’s pontoon boat. She saw that Erik was standing with Phillip and two women that Piper didn’t know. They must have been Phillip’s dates and for a second Piper thought that one of them must be for Erik, but when he saw her, he left them and started towards her. He was being unbelievably nice and actually trying to make her happy. Of course, they still picked at each other but for the most part they were civil. It was weird because she could sense he was trying, and a part of her was like, good, he needed to try, while the other part of her was elated by his actions. She wanted to wrap him up in her arms and just devour his mouth, especially when he was wearing nothing but a pair of black board shorts but she would never chance it. He could be faking it all, and she would look stupid, untangling herself from his body to go hide.
“We’re just waiting for Elli to finish feeding the boys,” Erik told her as she walked up to him.
Piper nodded as she looked around. She noticed that other than the two blondes that hung off of Phillip, she was the only one in a bikini. “I’m the only one out of the non-whores that is wearing a bikini. Do you think I should go change?”
She glanced up to find that Erik was checking her out. “Um. No.”
Piper laughed. “No really, I look okay?”
He nodded. “Okay is not the word, Piper, you look hot.”
Piper’s cheeks warmed as she looked away. She felt kind of silly in a two piece with her belly all hanging out, but in a way, if Erik liked it, then she was good. She looked up to find that he was still watching her, and she smiled. “You’re making me blush, stop.”
He flash her a wicked grin before saying, “I think we are about to get on,”
No matter if they were like fire and rain and he drove her insane, she knew that she couldn’t stay mad at him.
And she wasn’t sure if that was a bad thing.
Rap music was blaring as the boat floated in the middle of the ocean. Erik leaned back into the cushions as he nursed a beer, watching the two blondes Phillip had brought. They didn’t keep his attention for long though because soon Piper was in the middle of the boat, shaking her cute little ass. Audrey was laughing out loud, trying to drop it low but she wasn’t succeeding with her large belly. Everyone was laughing and Erik couldn’t think of the last time he had such a good time.
The food was great, the drinks were plentiful, and the company was superb but the best part was Piper. She was unbelievable, the life of the party. As she moved to Roll Up by Wiz Khalifa, Erik couldn’t help but have a grin on his face as he watched her. When Lucas came over rapping along to the popular rapper, everyone started to cheer him on, but then went quiet when Piper joined in, rapping better than Lucas. Erik shook his head as she started to move her hand with every word and when the song cut off, she finished the song saying, “Word to your mother.”
Causing everyone to lose their minds with laughter.
“Do you remember when you were going to be a rapper, Piper?” Elli asked and Erik started to laugh.
“Why doesn’t that surprise me?” he said and Piper flashed him a grin.
“Piper was going to be everything. She is the most flighty, un-decided person I ever met,” Harper laughed but everyone could see the love in her eyes for her baby sister.
Piper giggled as she dropped down in the seat beside Erik. “I’m not that bad.”
“Maybe not that bad now, but back then? Jeez! I bet if you would have laid off the weed you’d probably could have made a decent decision.”
Everyone started laughing as Piper’s cheeks turned red. “You make it sound like I was a pot head.”
“You were!” Elli and Harper declared sending the boat into a roar of laughter.
“I didn’t know that, Piper!” Audrey laughed.
“Because it isn’t a big deal. I quit, like what, three years ago?” she said with a shrug.
“And started when she was what, Harper? We were 17, so she was 14?” Elli asked.
“Something like that,” Harper said with a wave of her hand.
“Wow, great role models, guys,” Jakob laughed.
“Whoa! What?” Shea asked causing everyone to laugh. Erik glanced over at Piper to see her grinning like a fool.
“What?” Elli asked innocently.
“You smoked weed?” he asked with a shocked face. He acted as if it was crack or meth they were talking about. Erik almost died, he was laughing so hard.
“Yeah, so?”
“I feel like I don’t know you,” Shea said in shock.
Elli laughed. “Oh come on, Shea, you smoked weed, too.”
“No, never. I was a hockey player.”
“So, I played and smoked,” Lucas said with a laugh.
Shea pointed to Lucas and then looked back at Elli. “And see how he turned out.”
Everyone laughed but Fallon and Lucas, they both yelled out, “Hey!”
“He’s kidding, we love y’all,” Elli reassured before she pinned her husband with a look, “I was a kid. It was fun, we had a blast. We’d get blasted and then would eat Ho Hos while watching MTV. I haven’t touched it in over ten years. It’s not a big deal.”
Shea shook his head. “I don’t even know you.”
“I guess not, but you’re stuck with me. We’re four babies in guy, you can’t get rid of me,” she said with a grin. Shea only kept a straight face for a moment before a full smile went over his face as he reached for Elli, pulling her into his lap.
“You’re right, you are mine for life.”
“Awwwww,” Audrey cooed as Tate wrapped her up in his arms.
Erik had never been around so much love in his life. It was as if he was watching stages of it. Elli and Shea were the oldest couple there with Jakob and Harper right there with them. Erik noticed that Shea and Jakob never took their eyes off their women and when they did, it was usually to talk to each other. Next were Lucas and Fallon, who could set fire to the boat with their passion. The way Lucas looked at Fallon was the way a man who hadn’t eaten in years, looked at a steak. It was insane the way they fought and within seconds were making out. Then there was Audrey and Tate, the soon to be, newlyweds. Tate’s hands never left Audrey and Erik was surprised the girl made it to the bathroom alone. They were cute and sweet, but kind of sickening.
Then there was him and Piper.
Piper stayed on the other side of the boat for most of the trip. This was the first time she had been near him since they left shore and he was having a hard time keeping his hands in his lap. He had the urge to be like his friends and wrap her up in his arms to feel her warm skin against his. He loved the curve of her bottom in her bright yellow bottoms, but most of all he loved the way her breasts bounced when she walked. He held his breathe waiting for the moment they would pop out of that small little bikini top, but to his dismay they hadn’t yet.
When his gaze went to where his best friend was wrapped up in the arms of two gorgeous blondes, a small part of Erik yearned to be over there with him, but then he looked back over at his bride, and her eyes met his. She was so beautiful with the sun shining through her hair, and her sun kissed skin glowing. For the first time ever, Erik thought what the hell did he need with anyone else when he had her.
It was a scary thought, but he didn’t feel like he was going to have a panic attack as he held her gaze. She blew him away with her humor and more than once he was found laughing so hard he couldn’t breathe. He had never met anyone like her, and he loved that she had done so many things and tried to accomplish so many dreams. She intrigued him and he liked that.
“Hey, Shea, lets dock on that beach over there,” Lucas said.
Piper looked out to where Lucas was pointing, breaking their locked gaze and Erik did the same to see a nice little island with lots of trees and greenery.
“Cool, we can cook there,” Shea said as he went to the steering wheel of the boat. Piper crossed her legs, Indian style, causing her knee to touch his thigh. They both looked down at where they were touching before looking back up at each other.
“Sorry,” she said and was about to move away, but he stopped her.
“You are fine,” he said, his hand not leaving her knee.
A grin pulled at her mouth as she said, “Why thank you very much, you’re not too bad yourself, Mr. Titov.”

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