Taking Shots and Trying to Score covers!!  

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   Here they are ladies!!! I love them! What do you think! Comment below, I'll be picking people to send tattoo too!!!   Continue Reading
  Happy Birthday, Taking Shots!!!!  

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   awww look how much it's grown!! Holy moly! Can y'all believe it?!?! A year??! Who would have known!? I sure didnt! When I started this, I never thought I would be 3 books in, writing the fourth, so believe me, I am pretty shocked right now. Everything is moving amazingly, and I wish I could tell y'all my fantastic news, but I cant. So hopefully by the time I get back from Disney I'll be able to share! So lets get on to the fun stuff!  Y'all know I love you right? So very much. Y'all have Continue Reading
  Taking Shots’ birthday is coming up!  

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   Yippppeee! Can you believe it?! Cause I sure can't! One year since Taking Shots was published. Holy Moly! hehehe. So since its a birthday, we have to celebrate! So here we go! First on the 5th, I will be posting 4&counting. What is that you may ask? Come back here on the 5th and find out! Also on that day, there will be a teaser of Blue Lines, and a new song for the series. Finally, chances to win. 10 winners will be chosen to win a eBook copy of any of the books (Taking Shots, Trying Continue Reading