Holy hot hockey players! I am now a published author with Random House!

Me and my contract from Random House!


Its all still so unreal and a part of me really doesnt believe it happened.

When I started Taking Shots, I mainly wrote it for myself. I remember when I finished it, and I looked over at my hubby and said “I just wrote a book.” He laughed and then said “What?” Lol. It was crazy, I wasnt the author type. I’ve always been a writer, I love to write little worlds of awesomeness, but I always thought I was meant to be just a mommy and nurse. Wow, did God, have a different plan for me.

Hubby convinced me to query for agents and publishers. I got rejected by EVERYONE and it really messed with me, I hated the rejection so I said eff it. lol. Well, then I saw that I could self publish, so I did that, I was like yeah, this is going to be awesome! I’ll make friends with new people that like my books and everything will be cool. And that was how it happened. I made some of my bestest friends now, and they have been with me since the beginning!

Well, the editing thing came up, and I was like EEKK! lol. So I hired an editor, got screwed, hired another one, got screwed some more, hey, why not go for a third time, GOT SCREWED AGAIN! lol. So I was to the point where I was ready to quit because people like good edited books. Well I didnt get a decent editor until Empty Net, and even she missed stuff because my books are big and its a lot to edit, but I still feel she did a great job.

I learned a lot, and I am glad with where I was in life. Things we wonderful, I have a fan base, I am interactive with my fans and I feel good. I basically felt like life was wonderful! I was making friends, I was working on Blue Line, and heck yeah, I was going to Disney World. I mean really? What else could happen!? lol. Well, I got an email from a friend that was like, I am talking to an agent for you because I think you need one. I was like okay, cool, I’d like to have an agent because my dream is to have my book in stores. To walk into Target and see my beautiful series on the shelf? I think I might piss my pants and then scream girlie little screams. So be aware when this happens! lol.

Well, I was excited to see what would happen with that but I was too busy with life and getting ready to go to Disney to be really worried about it. I have the mind set that if it happens it was meant to be, if it doesnt, oh well. Well I was out somewhere, and I remember getting an email from Susan Grimshaw, and it was titled Empty Net – Great Job! I cant always view my emails from my phone, it sometimes wont load so I figured I’d read it when I got home. Well I forgot and the next day I was doing my morning check and clicked the email, and this is what it said.

Hi there,
Just wanted to say congratulations on writing such a wonderful story – I love hockey so this theme totally resonated with me.  Your characters are wonderfully developed & I thoroughly enjoyed the journey you took me on – EMPTY NET deserves its starred reviews!
I was curious as to what your future projects may be & if you have any interest in working with a New York publisher such as Random House.
Love to chat with you sometime,
Now first, I froze. I read it again and then I started screaming, my computer flew off my lap, I ran into the bedroom and started screaming at my husband about the email. He read it and then he was like “Holy crap.” lol. So I emailed her back, and was like. OMG YES! lol and then I emailed my friend and told her,  “Hey, I got an email from Sue Grimshaw of Random House and she wants to talk to me. I think I may need an agent.”
I got an agent one day, a publisher the next, and then I went to Disney that next Monday.
I feel so blessed to have the most amazing agent that seriously is there for me. Her name is Alix Taylor and I couldnt have been fitted with a better person. She gets me. She gives it to me straight and she cares. I am a very honest, loving person, and I feel that Alix is what I need to protect me and to turn my name into something big. I am so excited for the ride me and her are about to get on and I know its gonna be a blast.
It was INSANE and I think that my family and I are still in shock. I cried when I got to announce it yesterday via Facebook, and I still get teary eyed when I think about it all. I’ve worked so hard to create this amazing world for my beautiful puck bunnies and to have someone take notice and want me, man, that is the most amazing thing in the world because I think my fans knew this was going to happen before I did. They believed in me when I didnt, and I cant thank y’all enough for that.
So now that I have this contract, I now how deadlines. That is scary let me tell you, I am freaking out a bit. Now, not only do I have to worry about making a great books for my bunnies, but now I gotta make sure I get it done on time for the publisher. Its crazy, but I am ready and I think as long as i have the support system I have, I can do whatever I put my mind too.
I mainly did this post to thank you guys. I am so blessed to have all of you in my life and I hope that you continue to stay with me through everything. Its gonna be fun, I can promise you that. To thank you some more, here is a little snippet of Blue Lines.

“I’m really sorry, it will never happen again.”

“Like I said, I had you if it would have gotten out of control.”

Erik laughed, “How so? Are you a ninja too?”

Piper smiled, “No, but I did take self-defense classes in New York, so I know how to protect myself.”

“Of course you do, I swear you’re a Jack of all trades,” he said as he moved off the bed.

I’m really excited about this book and cant wait for it to come out. I am also excited about the new covers and reedited versions of the past books. I think it will only make my books better! Thank you so much again, girls!