Reading Order

I’ve been getting more and more the question about what the exact reading order is for all my books. While they are already in order on the books page, I just wanted to give you another quick overview.

Nashville Assassins

A sports romance series about hot Nashville hockey players, and the women who fall in love with them.

  1. Breaking Away
  2. Laces and Lace
  3. A Very Merry Hockey Holiday
  4. Wanting to Forget
  5. Overtime
  6. Rushing the Goal
  7. Pucks, Sticks and Diapers
  8. Face-off at the Altar
  9. Delayed Call
  10. Twenty-Two
  11. In the Crease
  12. How We Fell in Love
  13. One Timer

Bellevue Bullies

An Assassins new adult spinoff series about the Bellevue Bullies college hockey team. For optimal reading pleasure, best read between Breaking Away and Rushing The Goal, though it can be read as a standalone series. Book 2 (Clipped by Love) takes place roughly at the same time as Laces and Lace. Book 4 (End Game) is best read after Two-Man Advantage.

  1. Boarded by Love
  2. Clipped by Love
  3. Hooked by Love
  4. End Game
  5. Changing Lines
  6. Spiked by Love
  7. Saved by Love

Nashville Assassins – Next Generation

Continuing in the Nashville Assassins tradition, this is a sports romance series about the next generation of hot Nashville hockey players and the women who fall in love with them.

  1. Dump & Chase
  2. Power Play
  3. Bring it Home
  4. Blades of Glory
  5. The Chase is Over
  6. Dirty Toe Drag


Hard as it is to believe, the Nashville Assassins aren’t the only hockey team in the world. The Carolina IceCats are a force to be reckoned with. The team has even more talented hockey players and even more smart-mouthed women who love them.

  1. Juicy Rebound
  2. Wild Tendy
  3. Hard Hit
  4. All the Sauce

Taking Risks

Taking Risks is a three-part romance series set in Ireland.

  1. Whiskey Prince
  2. Becoming the Whiskey Princess
  3. Whiskey Rebellion


Writing as T. Aleo, a new paranormal romance series.

  1. Pieces
  2. Broken Pieces
  3. Pieced Together

Spring Grove

Small-town love romance series.

  1. Not The One
  2. Small-Town Sweetheart


Misadventures is a romantic series comprised of standalone novels, each written or co-written by authors selectively chosen by Waterhouse’s founder, #1 New York Times bestselling romance author Meredith Wild, based on works she’s read and loved.

11. Misadventures of a Rookie
16. Misadventures of a Manny


  • Let It Be Me
  • Two-Man Advantage

Assassins series

A sports romance series about hot Nashville hockey players, and the women who fall in love with them.

  1. Taking Shots
  2. Trying to Score
  3. Empty Net
  4. Falling for the Backup
  5. Blue Lines
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