Teaser Tuesday – 8

HOLY MOLY! We only have 14 days till EMPTY NET comes out!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKK!!! Who is excited?? I know I am! eeek! lol. Well without further ado! Here is your teaser for today!!!

“Bless your heart! Pipe you look like death,” Audrey said as Piper stopped beside her.
Piper nodded, “I just don’t understand why beer messes me up so bad. I feel like poo.”
“Aww, you poor thing,” Audrey said, wrapping an arm around her best friends shoulders. “I made yummy cupcakes that will make you feel better, come on.”
“Ew. No. Please, don’t make me eat them.”
Audrey pinned Piper with a mock offended look, “Ew and my cupcakes do not belong in the same sentence thank you.”
“My bad, homie. I feel like poo, remember?”


Tuesday Teaser! – 4

I learned that y’all are horny little things! Just like me! I love half naked men 🙂 so I decided that there needs to be some eye candy with my teaser! here y’all go!

“So are the men in here, jeez, that hockey team is smoking hot!”

Piper giggled, “Right!? Man, that one guy, the one with no teeth, whoa! If he just kept his mouth shut the whole time, I could probably holler at him.”

Audrey giggled as she shook her head, “Yeah, he is, but did you see Anderson? My God, Fallon was right, total eye candy. I could suck on him like a sucker!”

Piper laughed loudly, “You’re so bad!”

“My own man-o-pop!”



Tuesday Teaser – 2


Gotta love the interaction between sisters!

“I like it,” Fallon said, with her hands on her hips.
“But,” Audrey supplied.
“But, I don’t know if I want to go with the innocent sweet lace thing. It’s not really me, ya know?”
Audrey nodded; they had had this conversation at least a 100 times. “Yes, Fallon, but you look hot. It shows a lot more skin than the mermaid style one. That one is just tight, this one shows boobs, and lower back, I mean what more do you need?”