Lots of Questions!

Hello all!!!

I’ve been getting the same two questions since Hooked by Love came out and I figured I’d answer them!

  1. Will Lucy get her own book? Answer: YES! Her book is Rushing the Goal! The cover reveal is this Sunday!!! 2/14/16
  2. Will Markus get his own book? Answer: YES! Not sure when, not sure how, but he will get his book!

Thanks so much! I hope everyone is excited for Rushing the Goal! I know I am!


6 thoughts on “Lots of Questions!

  1. Fell in love with your series The Assasins and have been hooked since then. Just wondering when Rushing the Goal will be available on Nook?

    • pessoal, nao consigo abrir o arquivo, ele baixa, mas na hora que clico nao abre, precisa de algum programa pra rom?aadrnda resposta pra:

  2. I just finished reading Breaking Away and I saw the names Asher and Aiden and I don’t know who’s kids they are… I would really appreciate it be thankful if you could clarify who is who’s kid in the whole series so far, upto overtime please if could because I really mix up all the names… Also I really love the series and boarded by love to. Thanks for writing these books 🙂 I hope to read more.

  3. Will we be seeing any more of Matty Haverbrooke? While he’s certainly not a likeable character like Markus, I find myself wanting to read more about him and what goes on in his head. His acting out reminds me to some extent of Jordie’s behavior; I did not like Jordie at first, but now he is right up there as one of my favorite characters.

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