Teaser from Seduced by the Game!

Who is excited for the Hockey Fight Cancer Anthology? I know I am! My contribution to the anthology, Tangled in the Laces, is a Prequel of an upcoming release from my Assassins Series called Laces and Lace! It’s gonna be amazing! So here is the teaser!!!


  1. Tara Peters says

    I can’t wait. This prequel sounds awesome and I am sure the full novel will be just as good. When is the Tangled in the Laces coming out? Also, when is Laces and Lace coming out? Keep writing awesome books. Because of you, I have become a hockey fan. I had never watched a hockey game until I read your series. Great job.

  2. Liza O'Connor says

    I’ve a blog scheduled for this book on 4/10. I believe I signed up on a call on one of the facebook communities. (Sadly, I didn’t note which one). I haven’t yet received a media package to create a blog. Does anything I’ve said make sense to you. If you can’t help me, then I’ll probably have to slot something else in the spot and just move on.

  3. Jamie says

    Ok.I am normally a huge fan of the novels but I felt very angry at the way Karson and Lacey ended. It deserves a whole story that is “promised” sometime between 8- 20 MONTHS from now!

    Instead we have a very emotional story of heartbreak and sadness with no resolution. Yes, it goes for an excellent cause, but I should of just donated money to the cause and not bothered with the emotional game being played and the long wait until the story completes.

  4. mel says

    I cannot believe I have to wait so long for the full length novel. It ended so sadly that I was crying so hard that I had to leave the bed so my husband could get back to sleep. Is there no way that this story could be released sooner?

  5. Ilse says

    I’ve just read this story and I was sad to see that Lacey and Karson are not together and yet happy to see there will be a new book in 2015! I’m looking forward to it very much. Congrats on yet another great story!
    I love the Assasins series!

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