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YAY! I love being invited to do these kind of hops! Janese puts on the best ones! So lets get started! We are supposed to make a list of our sexy heroes and we all know I got some hot ones!!! Here we go!!!!

Shea Adler

Of course, he would be number one out of all my heros.

He is sexy, he is tough, he wears glasses and chucks for goodness sakes!!!!! He is my number 1 in my heart and that could because he was inspired by the hottest man in the NHL.







Second is the beautiful Tate Odder. He is this massive gorgeous swed that makes my panties fall completely off and then because he is such a sweetie, he would help put them back on, after…well…::clears throat:: hehehehe. He was completely there for Audrey in Empty Net and I think that he would be the perfect boyfriend to anyone that would want a Happily Ever After. But I think you’ll have to get rid of Audrey first! :P


Next is sexy Lucas Brooks. I mean there is no other words but RAWR, HOLY MOLY AND CRAP! WHERE DID MY PANTIES GO?! He is by far the dirtiest out of all my Assassins and boy do we like him that way. With tantalizing tattoos, Lucas makes all girls swoon right after they tell their girlie parts to calm the hell down!



Now, unfortunately y’all havent got to meet Mr. Erik Titov yet, but let me tell you, he is one hot man. Right along with my other hot hockey boys, Erik makes girl swoon with his rare moments of being a great guy. He is a closet romantic with this tough guy exterior. He is fourth on my list but that is only because I can’t give out too much about him. All I can say is he is COMPLETELY trouble! So lock up those hearts ladies, because Erik Titov will be skating into your heart soon enough!


Now when I am not drooling over the heroes I created, I have two others that make my heart skip a beat and they are Mr. Darcy  from P&P and Dimirti from Vampire Academy. WHOOOOO WEEEEE those boys make me scream in delight! EEK! hehe.











Holy hotness right?!?!? AHH! hehe. Anyways, thanks so much for coming to check out my lusty hotties and please enter for a 25$ giftcard to Amazon or Barnes and Noble!!! Thanks so much!


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  1. says

    Lucas Brooks not because we have the same last . His picture is enough. He is sexy, body to kill for and there is something in his eyes that just YES. How can you not answer YES in return. Just can’t wait for story to see if I am right, Mind you they are ALL HOTIES but Lucas is my boy.


  2. Carol says

    Shea all the way! All of your guys are hunky hockey heroes, but Shea is the hottest!!! Can’t wait to read more from you. <3 You rock as always!!

  3. Meghan Stith says

    It’s cute that you like Shea Webber, but if I were choose the hottest man in the NHL, I would probably go for someone like Vinny Lecavalier or Tyler Pyatt. They are beautiful. In fact, Vinny does modeling on the side of his hockey career (like he needs the extra money!!)
    Sheldon Souray is also really hot!!
    I’ve met quite a few hockey players, myself and if I could pick the hottest (in real life) from the many I’ve met, it would be a tie between Marcus Foligno and Cody Hodgson.
    Cody actually hit on me.. so, that was cool. He saw me two weeks later at the same bar and said, “You came back!” Cute.

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