1. Jessica Schneider says

    Hotty Mc hunky hockey player!!!! So hoping you can make movies or a tv series out of this!!!!!!! I would really need a bib for my drool then!! Lol!!!!

  2. Annette G. says

    I love them! Horny chicks will buy the books just because…..Hey Lucas needs his tats. I really like these covers better than the second covers.

  3. Sharon Watson says

    They look yummy enough to lick, but you’re known for the tattoos…where are they? But I can drool over the covers all day and night!


  4. MrsPeggyC says

    Oh wow these look great!! Can’t wait to get the paperback cope of these! When will the paperbacks be out for the 3 that are already out?

  5. Meggan says

    OH DEAR!!!! now I know what’s under those hockey pads I am going to be watching tomorrow!!!! I may have to buy the books for the covers instead of just having them on my kindle app!

  6. Amanda Schwarberg says

    You know looking at these covers this how imagined Shea and Lucas looking: very, very sexy!! Thank you, Toni for creating such yummy characters!

  7. Michelle Sasso says

    Naked chests of hot men on your covers, what is not to Love about these covers? There will be so many new fans once they stop look and get caught in the amazing Assassins series!!
    Toni – your on your way and the new covers are incredible!! Tempted to buy actual books for the hot hot covers!! Thanks for the eye candy!!

  8. says

    Toni..I have been with you from the very beginning! Love love your books & I have been sharing them with all of “Puck bunny” friends! The new covers are YUMMALICIOUS!! Thanks for sharing your talent with all of us!

  9. Joelle M says

    Saw these earlier this afternoon – been staring at them for hours and just now noticed the skates and stick. Holy Hot Hockey Players!

  10. Phyllis says

    HAWT!!!!! Been telling everyone who will listen about all your books. Rock on! Go NY Rangers. (Sorry-huge ranger fan!)

  11. Patti P says

    I have to be totally honest. My very first reaction was:
    Oh my God!
    Oh my GOD!
    OH MY GOD!!!!

    That said…I really like them and I think they are really well done.

    Yep that is my response.

  12. Molly says

    Well, it looks like I’m going to be buying these books again for the covers alone. Yum!!! Cannot wait for new books ROCK ON!!

  13. Jasmine Sutton says

    Love love LOVE the series. read Trying to Score and Empty Net in a day. You have me on tenderhooks for the next one! Come on August 13th!


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