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Then my whole world, turns misty Blue…….Lines…


The big question is:


The answer….I have no clue.

A lot of things are happening right now with my book series. Things are changing, and I am having to adjust to the change and also wait for the changes to be final. During all this I am having to write a book and worry about all the changes and also my upcoming works. Blue Lines is roughly fully written, which means I have different scenes written but they are for further along in the book. I still have the first 15 chapters to write fully, with only a couple scenes here and there. The ending will be cake, no problem, but I am struggling a little right now. Like I’ve said before this book is way different than the first three. I am having to adjust and I haven’t gotten there yet. This book will have more complex characters and I am hoping since I am challenging myself, it will pay off.

Thankfully I have the full support of my husband, family, and friends. I was talking to my best friend today and I started crying because I feel so under pressure and scared that I am jacking this book up. I want to deliver something worthy of being an Assassins series novel and I am want to make y’all happy. Well, my best friend told me that I have to write this book for me and after I am completely and utterly happy with it, give it to the world. I think I’ve worried to much about what everyone wants and not what I want. So I am working hard to overcome that, and again the changes that are happening.

Another thing I have that I dont think a lot of authors have, is the support from y’all. I have hands down the best fans in the world. You guys can lift me from the bottom with just one sentence and I dont think I can thank y’all enough. I just hope that everyone is patient with me through the next couple months. I am hoping to announce my news soon, also have a release date for Blue Lines and all that fun stuff. I wish I could say more, tell you guys exactly what I am thinking but I can’t. It will all have to wait.

Till then though, how about a little teaser?

(again, remember, this is my rough f-ed up grammar and writing!)

“The least I could do? Are you fucking kidding me?! The least you could have done was not fucking break my heart! You don’t get to come into someone’s life and then check out. To only later expect them to help you out!” Piper yelled. Her eyes were clouded with tears and he could see that she was doing everything to keep them in.

Erik didn’t want to yell at her, but he had no choice, “I never meant to hurt you and I told you that! You kept this from me, giving me no time to figure things out! You owe me!”

“I owe you nothing!” she screeched, “nothing!”

So there you go. I know these teasers only make the wait worse, but I still like giving them.

Thanks so much for all y’all do for me!

Now, off to writing I go!


  • Lariza says:

    You’re awesome Toni!! The book will be awesome I know it!! Can’t wait!! :)

  • mandy i read indie says:

    Lady…quite stressing. When you are done…you’re done. Do we want more of your books sooner? Well yeah. But we are will gladly wait until you have it ready. Relax, breathe in, breathe out. And have fun writing it. ;))

    • Toni Aleo says:

      right?! if only it was that easy! I’m pretty sure people are going to think I’m a basket case now!! lmfao! blah, I just want this book to be done! hehehehe!

  • Shannon Owens says:

    Sometimes you have to step away. Let it come to you!! Lots of hugs sweetie!!

  • Staci says:

    Granted yes were all anxious to read the next book, but you write at your own pace, and know that we will be here standing behind you cheering you on. Your the writer, you need to be hapy with your work. Take a step back and relax!

  • Gloria Smith says:

    Give yourself a break!! Don’t be so hard on yourself!!!! Of course we want your books sooner than later but know it takes time to make your books as awesome as they are!! No worries mon!! LOL You just became a Full Time writer and you need time to adjust!! Also this is always a crazy time of year with the holidays coming up!! If your mind is anything like mine this time of year, there are all kinds of thoughts running through my head in every direction!! Hard to concentrate on just one are of your life! Hugs and Prayers to you!! Looking forward to hearing about Blue Lines release date and your Big News!! Until you are ready to announce it no worries!!! Hang in there and Thanks for the traders!!!

  • sandra henao says:


    I think once one feels people have certain expectations of them, we tend to put more pressure in meeting or exceeding those that we lose sight of what we loved about what we are doing. Don’t let the stress and worry what others say or think take the pleasure out of writing this story and doing what you do. WE your fans are here cheering you on, waiting for you to share your next story.

    P.S. Love, love the teaser. I can wait, okay will try, LOL until you feel its ready because I am a huge huge fan and love your stories!

  • Danielle says:

    Toni, your stories are worth the wait! I could only wish for the tiniest amount of talent that you have. What ever you do with Blue Lines it is going to be fantastic. Abd your fans, we are all going to be standing behind you, cheering you on.

  • Joelle M says:

    Toni, we love you and as much as we all want Blue Lines now, we also want it to rock our socks off! The teasers are great and keep us drooling for more. But your friend is absolutely right. You cannot write for us, you have to write the best book you can for yourself. Once you are there, the rest will fall into place. And your fans will love it!

    Funny side story, last night I was watching my son’s floor hockey game and the scene where Audrey and Tate are watching Aiden’s game kept running through my head. You have a gift in that your stories stick with us. They make us laugh and cry and care desperately about the characters. So try not to stress too much, take it one day at a time and Blue Lines will rock like all the rest!

  • Carin W says:

    Toni, your friend is right, you write the book the way the characters tell you to tell the story make it the best you can for you and them and we will love it. You can’t write worrying if you can make everyone happy, you wont that is just a fact of life some one will want you to have done something differently. Just know we love and support you!
    Hugs Carin

  • Cathy says:


    It’s going to be okay. You’re bestie is absolutely right, right the book for yourself. Take some time out relax and then come back to the book. Let your heart and the characters tell you how the book should be written. The same way you did with the last 3. Just because these characters are different doesn’t mean we won’t love them the same. It IS your work after all. I admire that you are taking the time out to share your thoughts with us and little excerpts from your book. It speaks volumes about you and your good nature. Just know how highly we think of you and that we are here to support you, behind you all the way!


  • Amber says:

    Toni, Seriously, you are awesome! I totally agree with you friend on making yourself happy before all of us loyal fans. I can see where the pressure to please all of us is weighing on you, but we all believe that you will rock it out and it will be just as great as the others. I dont normally comment on blogs or websites but I just had to say I truely believe that you are an amazing writer and I enjoy all of your characters and stories. Oh, and I cant wait for Blue Lines :) Happy writing :)

  • Toni Arnett says:

    You are doing great. I love the way you keep us in the loop. Give yourself a break. It seems to me this process of writing is much like pregnancy and childbirth. We all know that no matter what you try no baby comes before it is ready. Enjoy the process and have fun. Thanks for the little teasers. Sending you much love and joy.

  • Corinne says:

    You know what it is?? The damn hockey lock=out….blame it ALL on that!! No seriously though Toni your books are just like a “Field Of Dreams”…write it and we will read it!! Good things come to those who wait, or so they say, so here we are waiting for your finished product of perfection!! Hugs to you!! =)

  • gerri says:

    Toni, no worries! Good things come to those who wait and we will wait as long as it takes for you to feel good about what you write! I know it will be the best and hopefully all will have HEA! Quit stressin and take time to enjoy the holidays that our soon upon us . Enjoy your kids, Enjoy the holidays! We love you and your amazing books you write!

  • Denise S says:

    Can’t wait…love the teasers thank you! Relax and the writing juices will flow! Have fun with the family ideas will follow!

  • peggy says:

    Girl just remember its a book and ur just telling us a story. Of course we all want the happily everafter and the thought of piper not ending up with Eric makes my heart ache but that’s real and life takes us places we never expected or wanted to go. I trust you to tell me a real story that makes me feel and your writing does that. Your love stories aren’t all perfect and we all relate to it that’s why we love your writings. So thanks and take your time and write your heart out for you and we will love it cause girl you got talent don’t doubt that ever…

  • MommyIves says:

    Great teaser! I am so excited for more Piper!

  • Mya says:

    Your KILLING ME with these amazing teasers….. I’m going to stalk your wbsite until I hear my favorite author has released her her new book…. then when i finish Blue Lines i’m gonna cum back to your website and tell you how awsome it was

  • Jessica Chalk says:

    You are such a great writer, and I know that whenever Blue Lines does come out, I’m going to love it. How do I know that? Because it’s clear you love what you are writing about. So, trust your gut and just write what you love. The rest of us will be right there with you :)

  • Lisa says:

    Toni, love your books and your very sincere and openness with your fans!! I seriously can’t wait for the next book in the series but I think my patience will pay off … Until then think I’m going to start over and read all three again!! Love seeing all your updates and blog entries!
    Thanks for all your hard work … Recommending you to all my reading friends!!
    Lisa – UK fan xx

  • Patty says:

    Girl… your previous books have been a success for a reason… I guess we all relate to your characters for a reason, you write with your heart! that’s what matters…
    of course you have to set yourself goals and do your best to try to make them… I can only imagine you want to try new things, to keep all of us interested and wanting for more…
    I trully believe if you believe in your heart on your ideas, you will succeed…
    so far you have done great! and as long as you put your heart in every word of your book, you will succeed…
    Be strong girl! it’s like you are running a race and just realized you are half way thru…. yeah there is still some way to the end… but keep in mind! you are half way done already! you have more than what you started with, don’t you think?

    Patty @ Holland fan xx (yeah! even in The Netherlands you have super fans!)

  • Holly Collier says:

    I just found these books and read all three in a weekend! I couldn’t put them down they were so good! I was scared though to finish the last book because I didn’t want to not have a 4th to read. I’ve been on a trend lately of wanting Hockey Romance Novels (never even knew there was such a genre) and by far yours are the BEST!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait for your next one!

  • Jodi says:

    Be gentle with yourself! You are amazingly talented, take all the time you need, so many people support you and love your work, it will certainly be worth the wait, don’t doubt it!

  • Samantha Critz says:

    I’m sure you get this all the time, but to have nothing original to say, I love your books. Your characters have a realism that many people can relate to. I can’t wait for the fourth installment. They really give me the hope to follow my dreams.

  • harshita gupta says:

    hey toni…this is harshita…i m from india…i m huge fan of ur books it makes me crazy…i love each characters nd every single detail u put on that characters…i literally love u..i m really excited for blue lines…
    i knw its monotonous to u..but u r hands down the best written till what i read…
    keep writing

  • Tracey says:

    Take your time, I just know this one is going to be awesome! I want to hate Erik so hard right now but I just know that’s the sign of a good book. I loved, loved, loved Taking Shots and the other too I loved as well although Taking Shots is my favorite! I’m looking forward to this one knocking those others out of the park! I can’t wait to read it when you are finished!!!!

  • Ruth says:

    Wow Toni that teaser was great. It’s making me want more. I can tell from that Erik isn’t a bad guy, I’m holding that thought has a positive for when I read the book. I got total faith in these two characters and total faith in you Toni that you deliver another amazing book. Happy writing. :)

  • Elaine says:

    I enjoy reading the Assassins Series! The books are a wonderful read! Blue Lines will be great :-) Thank you for loving Hockey!! I am becoming a hockey fan! lol

  • Jing says:

    oh my gosh! I can’t wait for this book. I’m really excited for Piper and Erik’s story.:)

  • Dawn says:

    Girl, all I have to say is that I’m totally jonesing to read Blue Lines. I can’t wait! You’re an awesome writer & I believe it comes from your heart. I love the fact you have incorporated Nashville places in your books since how I live here in Nashville…it’s kinda of nice to be able to relate. I really really look forward to reading your books because like you I LOVE ME SOME HOCKEY MEN! You’ll always have a “reader” no matter what!

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