and the winners are!

YAY! Thanks to everyone that entered and also, thanks to Jenese for including me in the Fall in Love Blog Hop! It was a HUGE success and I’m so excited to hear from all my new followers! Now onto the fun stuff! First, though, a lot of people tried to cheat and that is messed up! I checked everyone’s entries and some people got disqualified because they didnt do the entry right. I had to pick 3 different times for the Kindles! AH! it was insane! Anyways, the emails should be sent out today for the winners and congrats to everyone that won!

Ebook of your choice! Taking Shots, Trying to Score, or Empty Net!
Booksie FORME
Bridget Alvarado
Elizabeth Hyatt
Rut Mendoza
Markita Dawson
Matha Schlegel
Belinda Green
Cassandra Hicks

Whole series on Ebook: Taking Shots, Trying to Score, and Empty Net!
Anneleise Dickens
Tess Watson
Teri Beth Page
Jessica Shepherd
Shelby Lineberry

Swag packs
Adrienne Haskins
Lori Dance Tassie

whole series signed by me: Taking Shots, Trying to Score, and Empty Net!
Angie Malon
Yadire Alonzo

Blue Lines Beta Reader
Adriana Noriega

Kindle Fires
BobbieJo Haynes

Yehaw! Thanks again everyone! Now I’m off to write some Blue Lines!


  1. Adriana Noriega says

    THANKYOU THANKYOU I won one of the two things I wanted Woohoo You made my morning so much better thanks love can’t wait :) love ya

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