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Good night and joy be with you all.

Disney 2012 315

So I decided that since I have blogged since October 4th that I should do that! A lot of amazing things have been happening for me lately, unfortunately I cant share it all but I can share some.

As a lot of you know, I went to Disney World with my family. Oh my God, did we have a blast. It was the perfect vacation and I was so happy. Y’all know I love me some Disney, the only thing that was missing was my trip to Harry Potter World. My life would have been complete then! Lol.

Two days after I came home from vacation was my last day of work, and now I am a full time author. I’m not sure what my favorite part is yet. I love not being tired, its amazing, but I also love that me and my husband’s relationship is so much better. We are insanely in love of course, but only getting to sleep in the bed together two nights a week for the past 6 years can take a toll on a marriage. Its only been a week and I feel like we are happier.

Cool things that have been happening. I have 205 reviews on Taking Shots, 141 for Trying to Score and 141 for Empty Net. I am very proud of these reviews and thank everyone for their time in writing those! I am currently working on a Sport Romance Blog with some really awesome authors. I’m so excited about that and when I get a set debut day, I’ll make sure to let everyone know.

Writing wise, I’ve came up with a lot. I am writing Blue Lines as a lot of you know, but before I really started getting into that, I had to write synopsis for two novellas and then books 5,6, and 7. So here is the run down:

Novella 1: Backup – which will be the love story of Tate’s backup goalie Jordan Ryan and Ainslie Ryder.

Novella 2: 4&counting – Shea and Elli’s birth story – it will lead right into Blue Lines, so I’m excited about that one.

Book 5: Breaking Away – you’ll see at the end of Blue Lines who this one will be about.

Book 6: Laces and Lace – this one will be about new characters: Karson King and Lacey Martin

Book 7: Overtime – this one will be about our Victoria!! OOOOO CAN SHE BE REDEEMED?!? Lol. I had fun writing this synopsis.

So that’s what I go so far, but the cool thing was, the other day I was in TJMAXX and I was in the shoe section when these two girls were talking about their boy drama. So acting like I was looking at these fantastic pair of sparkly heels, I listened and started taking notes. I think I may have a new hockey series, one with a college team. It would be about 4 brothers and their struggles to get into the NHL. I’m pretty excited and look forward to the research it will entail. Hopefully very hot hockey players! Lol.

Other than that, I am writing like a mad man. I’ve been writing hardcore since Monday and have 4 fully done chapters. My girls love it so far and want more, so I guess I’m doing something good. After I get chapter 4 done, I’ll be sending to my beta readers. So I look forward in seeing what they think.

Me, I’m loving it. I love Erik’s cocky ass but man is he a dick. I feel sorry for Piper and wish that things were good for her now. She is going to be fun to write; she is spunky but has a huge heart that she wears on her sleeve. Add in the fact that she is pregnant and Lord help Erik, he better watch it. Erik is just so cocky and so full of himself, but I think when everyone finds out why they might cry. I know I teared up, writing his back story.

The only thing that I’m a little irritated with is that I worked hard on this one scene. So excited, it was awesome, it actually happened between me and my husband when we were younger. Well I was listening to Taylor Swift’s new cd yesterday and she says my part in her song! I was like WTF!?!??!?! Ahhhh so now I hope people don’t think I got that from her song. I hate when that happens. One of the main reason my characters haven’t had sex in the ice rink was because I read a book where the couple did. Its like cliché for a hockey book, so I wont do it. Y’all know I’m weird. Lol.

Wanna know what I’ve been listening to hardcore? Mumford and Sons, Taylor Swift, and Ed Sheeron. OMG THEY ARE MY ANTHEMS RIGHT NOW! Llllllllllllooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvveeee them!

So how about a little teaser for the best fans ever? Here you go:

“Hello?” she asked.

“Hey, is this Piper Allen?”

“Ugh yeah,” she answered.

“The pregnant one right?”

“Seriously? You’ve been with more than one Piper Allen?” she asked and for some reason she wasn’t shocked by this.


Hope you enjoyed that, I’ll talk to y’all soon!


  • OMG I love that teaser! LMAO

  • Jennifer Payette says:

    I cannot wait for this book!!!! i am super excited for all your future writings! and i would totally love to read about college hockey players. hell i’d read about any hockey players!!!!! love the teasers!!!

  • Kenda Lowman says:

    OMG!!!! So excited. I can’t wait.

  • Myladykat says:

    Yes! I knew it! Victoria’s story! I knew she was redeemable! Future stories sounds AWESOME!! I can’t wait!! Happy writing!

  • samantha says:

    OMG!!! can’t wait for Bluelines!! your teaser are killing me Toni!! Very excited for you in your future writings:) Hope that in the near future one of your books become a movie!!

  • Sarah says:

    I’m so excited! Love all your ideas!!!! Hope they all stick. Can’t wait. These teasers are killing me!!! I find it extremely funny at the fact that I’m really into T-Swift and Ed Sheeron right now too!

  • Laurie says:

    Yay! So happy for all the goodiness going on in your life right now =) I know it’ll be awhile but can’t wait for more books/stories to be out! Happy writing =)

  • Danielle says:

    Toni, it is so awesome to hear that you are living a full and happy life! Cannot even wait for all of these amazing things to come to life! I am so ready for lots more hot hockey players :)!!

  • Maria says:

    Congrats! So looking forward to Blue Lines and the rest of the series, especially with the lock-out in full swing…we need more hockey! Also looking forward to hearing more about the sports romance blog, that sounds amazing, too!

  • amber f. says:

    Ma’am let me just say that I absolutely love how dedicated you are!! I read so much and there are so many series i read where by the time the next book comes out I’ve totally forgot the whole damn thing. (like waiting a couple of years for the next book)
    I can honestly say I’ve never forgotten one of your books and I have NO problem rereading them just because. Your in touch with your readers and we know what you’re working on… makes me anticipate a little harder.
    I read a lot… enough to where my hubby says i cant spend anymore money on books. Like 2 a days… with great books. Honestly after reading anywhere from 6-10 books a week I can get sidetracked on what I’ve read and liked/disliked and haven’t read at all. I HAVE NEVER EVER questioned any of your books and i always recommend them to my reader friends.

    Basically all I really wanted to say was thanks and Good Job! and i appreciate your work… ;)

  • Amanda says:

    OMG haha sex on the ice so cliché I love that you haven’t done that in either of your fantastic books!,

  • Carrie says:

    Love the updates, teaser, and Victoria’s story! As long as Liam isn’t redeemable, I’m all for it! PS, Phillip Anderson anyone??

  • Toni Arnett says:

    Looks like you have got it figured out and riding high. Enjoy your success and know we got your back. I love the way you make us part of creative process and share with us. Thanks.

  • Samantha Romano says:

    I cannot wait for more of your books! Hockey + Romance = <3 Thanks for your fantastic writing, and I'm happy to see The Assassins Series will continue!! <3

  • Carolina says:

    Hello Toni!!!! jajaja i love the teaser and OMG you are going to write about Victoria, for a moment i was like Who the hell is Victoria? and then it was like shock! jajaja i hated her so much in Elli´s book! but people change!! Greetings from Spain!!! besos Guapa!

  • Tasha says: cant are very good to your fans with little tidbits and readers. Thanks and keep writing for goodness sakes!! LOL.

  • gerri says:

    Honestly Toni, you are the best! It’s like having a best friend that you can talk to and tell them everything! I agree with all the posts , you just keep on writing cause your books ROCK!! You can’t forget them after you have read them. I also read alot on my kindle !, so if I don’t do a reveiw right away then I forget because of the many books that I read ! But not with yours !
    Cannot wait for BL and I look forward to the teasers that you give!

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