Tuesday Teaser of Trying to Score!

We are only eight Mondays away from Trying to Score’s release! YIPPEE! are you excited? Cause I am! hehe. I have saw how my favorite bloggers have put up little teasers of the books they are reading or reviewing, I have been caught so intrigued by these books they I have added them to my goodreads to be read later! So I decided to get y’all even more excited for Trying to Score by posting a little piece of the book for the next eight Mondays! Starting April 2, I will start revealing the Trying to Score Dream Cast with each post!

To get y’all really pumped! hehe, I am going to pick one person from each Monday(or in this case Tuesday) that has commented and give them a signed book mark! At the end of the month (3/31/12), I will put everyone who posted through out the month into my random picker thingy and the winner will be given a $15 giftcard to Amazon or Barnes and Nobles!!! Same thing for April!  I am so excited for this book, and I can’t wait to hear everyone’s comments! Okay on with the teaser! Hope you enjoy!


“Ricky Owen, Fallon Parker with Rocky Top Wine. She is one of our biggest sponsors.”

“Who?” Fallon asked totally ignoring Ricky’s hand, and hoping like hell that there was another Brooks in the NHL that fought a lot.

Because she only knew one…

“You probably don’t know him, Lucas Brooks? He was just traded in from the Sharks,” Elli stated.

Fallon wasn’t sure how the bottle of wine slipped from her hands, but the next thing she knew it was in pieces around her beautiful boots. Cabernet Sauvignon was everywhere, and Fallon’s face was beet red as she tried to catch her breath. Everyone looked down in shock before looking back up at Fallon’s stunned face.

Shea starting laughing as everyone still looked at Fallon in shock, then he said, “Or maybe she does.”

Oh, Fallon knew Lucas Brooks alright.

He was coming to Nashville?

Great, that was just fucking great.

– Trying to Score, Toni Aleo, Chapter 1


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20 thoughts on “Tuesday Teaser of Trying to Score!

  1. Can not wait till next week and another sneak peak. The new book is going to be impossible to put down. I can't wait.

  2. Elli! aww i love my Elli, glad she is part of this book too. Can't wait for this book to come out already!! Time is going by way tooooooo slow!

  3. I so read the beginning of this post as, “We are only eight DAYS away from release,” not eight Mondays. I was so excited, hoping I had nothing important happening in 8 days so I had time to read the book. Then I realized my mistake, and thought, ” Well s**t!” lol, thanks for the excerpt!

  4. I can't wait until the new book comes out!!! I've read Taking Shots like 10 times already and still can't get enough! April 30th can't get here soon enough!

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